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    Welcome to The ARC

    The Admissions Resource Center (ARC) is a central hub for students, parents, guardians, counselors, and access professionals.

    Excellence begins here

    We want to provide students, parents and counselors with the information the need to complete the admissions process here at Morehouse College. The ARC provides the most commonly needed resources to help you on this journey to applying and attending an HBCU in Atlanta. Use the ARC to find step-by-step directions, quick links, how to videos and get answers to frequently asked questions related to the admission and recruiting process. 


    Admitted Students

    Helpful resources and “to do” checklist for admitted students:


    Parents and Guardians

    Useful resources for parents & guardians of admitted students:

    School Counselors & Access Professionals

    Resources to assist prospective and admitted students:

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    Meet the Admissions Team

    We’re here to help you take your student’s educational dreams and turn them into reality.

    Headshot of Paula Resley
    Paula Resley Chief Brand Officer and VP of Admissions
    Headshot of Descatur
    Descatur "Des" Potier Executive Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Michael Gumm
    Michael Gumm Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Alvin Conteh
    Alvin Conteh Associate Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Sean Burnett
    Sean Burnett Assistant Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Marilyn Bibby
    Marilyn Bibby Student and Family Care Manager
    Headshot of Darrius Pearson
    Darrius Pearson Undergraduate Recruiter
    Headshot of Stefan Harden
    Stefan Harden Undergraduate Recruiter
    Headshot of Xavier McKenzie
    Xavier McKenzie Undergraduate Recruiter
    Headshot of Ryan Gray
    Ryan Gray Senior Recruitment Manager for Online Admissions
    Headshot of Ethelene Meadows
    Ethelene Meadows Receptionist for OSMCA

    We want to hear from you

    Thank you for your interest in attending Morehouse College. Please let us know how we can assist you. Use the information below to connect with the Morehouse Admissions Team.

    Mailing Address & Contact Number

    Morehouse College
    Office of Admissions
    830 Westview Drive, S.W.
    Atlanta, GA 30314
    Phone: (404) 215-2618


    Contact the Admissions Team