Morehouse College Honors Program

The Morehouse College Honors Program is a four-year comprehensive program providing special learning opportunities for students of outstanding intellectual ability, high motivation, and broad interests. The program emphasizes leadership and social outreach systematically in classes and in co-curricular activities from freshman year to graduation. The program has established a record of actively supporting the College’s internationalization focus by introducing its students at the freshman level, in classes, and in external meetings—to active interest and participation in global studies and study-abroad commitments to balance the students’ academic pursuits.


The Morehouse College Honors Program empowers its students through a stimulating learning environment to achieve their maximum potential and excel in academics, leadership, service, and global awareness.

Honors Program

A director, administrative assistant, and an Honors Program council, composed of the associate vice president for academic affairs, selected departmental chairpersons, administrators, core faculty, and two student representatives oversee the program.

Core Faculty

Honors Program faculty members are chosen on the basis of their reputations as outstanding teachers, both rooted in their academic disciplines and experimental in their classrooms. Chairpersons from the departments which offer Honors Program courses recommend to the Honors Program director the faculty members “released” from one or more regular department courses to offer Honors sections. All Honors Program core faculty at Morehouse are committed to engendering leadership among students by providing classroom curricula and academic experiences leading to individual excellence, as well as to group productivity. Morehouse HP instructors practice the latest classroom pedagogies endorsed by the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC).

Special Advantages
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Variety of scholarly, cultural, and social activities
  • Practice and encouragement in thinking and working across various academic disciplines
  • Use of the Honors Program office library and computers
  • Opportunities to receive first-rate recommendations to graduate and professional schools
  • Opportunity to attend and present at Honors conferences
  • Graduation with Honors designated on the transcript
  • Honors Program seniors listed on the graduation program
  • Honors cord to be worn with graduation regalia

Program Admission

Admission to the Program is based on SAT and ACT scores (generally a minimum of 1260 and 27, respectively), high school GPA (a minimum of 3.0), and the Honors Program Student Profile completed by each prospective freshman. In some cases, however, freshmen whose entrance scores fall just below the minimum are admitted on a one-semester, conditional basis. Second-semester freshmen and first-semester sophomores may apply for admission if they are not admitted at the beginning of their freshman year. The Program is open to students in all academic disciplines.


The Morehouse Honors Program accepts applications on a rolling basis.

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