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    Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

    EIB at Morehouse College


    Our Vision

    At Morehouse College, we cultivate equitable policies and inclusive practices which lead to a sense of belonging for all. We champion Equity, Inclusion and Belonging/EIB as essential qualities of the College for building and advancing an empathic and respectful campus that fosters pathways to individual and collective successes. From people's daily experiences to operational decisions, EIB at Morehouse College must be infused throughout the College's decisions and operations.


    Our Mission

    No person should be reduced to one identity. At Morehouse College, we strive to honor each person's unique intersectionality while promoting a sense of belonging for all. Morehouse College strives to recognize, accept, promote, and intentionally embrace equity, inclusion, and belonging for all people at the College regardless of individual differences. Equity and inclusion lead to a sense of belonging, and belonging is a critical component of ensuring well-being and wellness. Morehouse College aspires to be a leading voice that elevates the contextualized dialogues and actions about belonging in higher education. 

    EIB Blueprint Morehouse College FINAL 2022-COVER_thumbnail

    EIB Blueprint: Itambi at Morehouse

    This blueprint provides a conceptual framework of equity, inclusion, and belonging (EIB) at Morehouse College while articulating operational goals for the Office of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

    Connect With Office of EIB

    If you have any questions, please contact the following via email.

    Dr. Hideko Sera

    Executive Director of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

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