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    At Morehouse College, an institution celebrated for its tradition of fostering leadership, excellence, and moral integrity, the Office of General Counsel and Compliance is devoted to maintaining these values by offering  guidance and expertise on legal, compliance and board-related issues. Our office serves as the primary source of legal counsel for the College, ensuring that Morehouse not only adheres to the highest standards of compliance and integrity but also fosters an environment where education and collegiality have room to flourish and grow. 

    Our Mission 

    Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal advice that supports the College’s goals of educating and empowering men who are committed to leadership, service, and the pursuit of excellence. We will be steadfast in our commitment in facilitating the College's mission by ensuring legal and ethical integrity in all its endeavors. By safeguarding the College against legal risks, promoting compliance, and offering proactive counsel, we will contribute to creating an environment conducive to academic and professional growth. 

    What We Do 

    The Office of General Counsel and Compliance provides legal representation and advice to Morehouse College, its Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty, and staff when acting within the scope of their employment. Our services encompass a wide range of areas, including but not limited to: 

    • Contract review and negotiation 
    • Compliance and risk management 
    • Employment and labor relations 
    • Policy development and review 
    • Governance and board affairs 
    • Intellectual property and technology transfers 
    • Litigation management 
    • Real estate and property management 
    • Student affairs and academic policies 
    • Training and Workshops 
    • Crisis Management 
    • Dispute Resolution and Litigation Avoidance 
    Our Commitment to Excellence and Integrity 

    Guided by the principles of integrity, excellence, and service, our office is committed to serving Morehouse College with the highest level of professionalism. We strive to be proactive, strategic partners within the College community, providing advice and counsel designed to advance Morehouse's mission while navigating the complex legal landscape of higher education. 


    Contact Information

    We welcome the opportunity to assist and support the Morehouse College community in all matters of legal and compliance significance.

    For legal inquiries or to learn more about the services we offer, please contact our office.

    830 Westview Drive | Office of General Counsel and Compliance | Gloster Hall | Atlanta, GA 30314

    Craig Burgess, Esq. 
    General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
    (470) 639-0530
    Deborah Lawson
    Legal Operation Paralegal
    LaShanda Hardy

    This page is intended to serve as a resource to enhance understanding and compliance with the attorney-client privilege at Morehouse College. It is not a substitute for professional legal advice.