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    Frederick Douglass Academic Success Center

    About Us

    We are committed to providing a comprehensive academic support system in an environment that supports a culturally and educationally diverse student body and is conducive to the development and success of your academic preparation, transition, and progress toward graduation and beyond.

    Our center is a comprehensive, academic enhancement facility. We designed it to offer various interactive programs that encourage student academic skill-building and serve as a useful academic resource within the campus community.

    Policy and Procedures

    The following procedures govern the access to the center:

    1. You must sign in and may be required to present ID for admittance.
    2. You must adhere to the requests of staff (please remove hats/caps, respect the facilities, limit on printing to Morehouse coursework by Morehouse students only, etc.)
    3. Access to conference rooms is subject to reservation/availability. You must check with the Information Service Desk to determine if an empty space has been reserved prior to occupying space. Wait times will vary, depending on the number of reservations.
    4. You must present a current student identification card at the service desk when reserving a conference room. Access is reserved for one-hour periods. A time extension may be allotted, depending on the demand for the room.
    5. No food or drinks (other than water) are allowed in any part of the building.
    6. If you require study hall monitoring you are responsible for ensuring you are scanned in and out or use the sign in and out form at the Information Service desk when the scanning device is not available.
    7. Apple wireless keyboards and mice are assigned on first come first serve basis. A current identification card must be held as collateral until you return the assigned keyboard and mouse.
    8. The computer lab and print station are reserved for Morehouse students and staff only. Attempts to gain access to the computers and networks to which you are not authorized are prohibited and will result in termination of future access privileges. In addition, using another person’s identification or login for any purpose is prohibited and will result in termination of access to the center.
    9. The print station has a policy of 10 pages maximum per student per day. Approval from center staff is required in order to exceed the maximum policy.
    10. Appropriate use of the FDASC space is that which is consistent with Morehouse’s academic, research, and service goals. Inappropriate behaviors involve excessive noise, loud conversations, and viewing pornography or other content that creates a distraction for others or an environment unconducive to academic study and research. Such behavior will result in termination of access to the center.

    Any policy exceptions, in the case of special events and other extraordinary circumstances, must be approved by a member of the staff. 

    Contact Our Staff

    Derrick M. Bryan, Ph.D.

    (470) 639-0592

    Quisha Mathis

    Director of Academic 639-0487

    Curtis Clark Jr.

    Academic Success Coach

    Corey Russ
    Dr. Youdlyne Renard

    Athletic Advisement and Skills Enhancement Specialist 
    (470) 639-0832

    Imani King

    Administrative 639-0234