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    Centers and Halls

    Explore our Campus Buildings

    Morehouse College, a renowned historically black college located in Atlanta, Georgia, is renowned not only for its exceptional academic programs but also for the vibrant community it fosters through its diverse array of centers and halls. These spaces serve as hubs of intellectual discourse, cultural exchange, and personal growth, providing Morehouse students with a well-rounded collegiate experience. From the iconic Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel to the state-of-the-art Ray Charles Performing Arts Center, each center and hall at Morehouse College offers unique opportunities for students to engage, explore, and thrive. This introduction will provide an overview of the key centers and halls that contribute to the rich tapestry of the Morehouse experience.

    Locations Around Campus

    Ray Charles Performing Arts Center

    The 76,000-square-foot center for music
    teaching and performance is a $20-million
    facility that houses the Department of Music,
    the Emma and Joe Adams Concert Hall, 12
    faculty studios, nine practice rooms, a digital/analog recording
    studio, and rehearsal space for the Morehouse College
    Marching Band and the Morehouse College Glee Club.

    Shirley A. Massey Executive Conference Center

    Named after the College’s former first lady,
    Shirley A. Massey, the Executive Conference
    Center houses conference room space, a number
    of seminar rooms, an atrium area used for
    receptions, and the Bank of America Auditorium

    Kilgore Campus Center

    Named in honor of civil rights activist and Morehouse alumnus the Rev. Thomas Kilgore Jr. ’35, the center is a multipurpose building that houses the President’s Dining Room, a snack bar, a game room, a student lounge, guest quarters, and administrative offices.