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    Media Relations


    The media relations team serves both as spokespeople and evangelists for Morehouse as well as a point of contact for information. 



    Email us at for all media requests.



    While our team is very hands-on and relationship-driven with the press, we also encourage you to follow the Morehouse Newsroom ( recent news, press releases and updates.


    Media Access to Campus and Credentials

    If you are planning to cover a story that requires contact with any member of Morehouse faculty, staff, or student body please contact marketing and communications to obtain a media credential and access to the campus.

    Members of broadcast media need to provide your parking requirements and the size of the crew. We will do what we can to accommodate you as long as the activity does not violate the school’s policies and procedures.

    Reporters or media outlets wishing to conduct photo or video shoots on campus must also obtain media credentials. No media outlet is permitted to bring any camera or recording devices on campus without prior written permission. 


    Faculty Sources on Call

    When news breaks or you’re tracking a trend, a Morehouse expert can help your audience better understand or analyze the story. We are committed to quickly matching reporters with knowledgeable faculty or administration experts.