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    Withdraw from Morehouse

    When a student finds it necessary to discontinue college work (during the period after add/drop and the last day to withdraw) the student can submit a Course Withdrawal Form  to process the complete withdrawal. The student must clear all accounts, e.g., financial, housing, bookstore, etc.

    Grading will be done on the following basis:

    • The transcript of a student discontinuing studies for the specific term before the Add/drop deadline, the student record will list no courses for that term.
    • The transcript of a student withdrawing (during the period after add/drop and the last day to withdraw) will contain “W” grades for each course.
    • When a student leaves the College at any time during a term without submitting a Course Withdrawal Form and without clearing all College accounts, the student will receive a grade of “F” in all courses.
    • Further, he will forfeit all rights to a statement of honorable dismissal, thereby jeopardizing the student’s re-entrance into the College or transfer to another accredited institution. 

    A student may withdraw on a voluntary basis, for medical reasons that are documented and supported by the Morehouse’s physician/Wellness Center, or he may be directed by an administrator to withdraw for either academic or non-academic reasons.

    Voluntary Withdrawal 

    In cases of voluntary withdrawal, it is the student’s responsibility to file a notice of withdrawal in the Office of Records and Registration by submitting a Course Withdrawal Form. Failure to do so will result in “F” grades for the term and no appeal will be honored after the term has ended.

    Medical Withdrawal 

    Upon the recommendation of Morehouse’s physician or a student’s personal physician, a medical withdrawal may be granted and initiated by Morehouse’s physician. Morehouse’s physician must email the Office of Records and Registration upon immediate receipt of the student’s recommendation to withdraw. The recommendation of Morehouse’s physician is required before the student can be considered for re-admission.

    Directed to Withdraw

    We reserve the right to direct a withdrawal of any student who violates its rules and regulations or the rights of others, or whose conduct or presence constitutes in any way a risk to the health, safety or general well-being of the community. An administrator must notify the Office of Records and Registration with all pertinent information regarding the withdrawal.