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    Campus Safety


    We are committed to providing a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. If you need immediate help, call Morehouse College Police at (404) 215-2666 or go to the nearest emergency call box. If you’re off-campus, call 911.


    Campus Safety monitors all vehicles coming onto campus through our two access points. In addition, our officers are deployed across four geographical zones and patrol the campus 24 hours a day — by foot, as well as in police cars and motorized carts.

    We also work with the Atlanta Police Department and other campus police departments to patrol the Atlanta University Center area. It’s important to remember that while the area surrounding Morehouse is being revitalized, individuals should remain aware of their surroundings at all times. 

    Security and Technology

    Morehouse has installed nearly 30 surveillance cameras throughout campus. Collectively, they cover about 70 percent of the open space on campus, with an emphasis on parking lots and pedestrian routes. The cameras are monitored 24 hours a day at Campus Safety.

    We also employ solar-powered emergency call boxes, most of which are in view of a surveillance camera. Pushing the button on a call box immediately sends a message to the radio of every Campus Safety officer, giving him or her the location of the box. This system bypasses the need for an officer dispatch. The typical response time is three to five minutes.

    Where to Report a Crime

    For incidents occurring on Morehouse property, please call Campus Safety at (404) 215-2666. We encourage you to program this number into your cell phone’s address book. For incidents occurring off-campus, please dial 911. 

    We encourage you to report emergencies, criminal activity, suspicious subjects, and vehicles.

    Office: Robert Hall, Southwest Annex
    Phone: (404) 215-2666
    Alt. Phone: (404) 427-7396 (in case of a power outage)


    The Morehouse College Police Department’s mission is to provide for the safety of all Morehouse students, faculty, staff, visitors, and constituents; protect the assets of the College and all other properties within its jurisdiction; and to improve the quality of life by viable interaction with our community.

    Its accomplishes its mission by meeting the following objectives:

    • Deterring crime through visibility patrols, and residential life educational engagement.
    • Maintaining a high standard of professional conduct.
    • Providing quality training for officers and supervisors.
    • Regulating campus access.
    • Utilizing effective technology for campus security.    
    • Managing and controlling special events.

    The Morehouse College Campus Police Department supports the internal College authorities charged with regulating non-criminal violations.