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    NSO: Uploading Your Photo ID

    Save time by uploading your student identification card photo using an existing personal picture.


    Your Morehouse identification card says that you are a valued member of our family, and opens up the doors to campus facilities, resources, programs, and events for you. Because you are a new member of the Morehouse family, you need to get your identification card as soon as possible.

    Students can submit their photo to be used on their Tiger ID Card by using the Morehouse online photo submission portal. You do not need to take a new picture on campus, which will save you time and effort. Simply upload your photo online and it will appear on your card.  

    To upload your photo, you will need to check your email for an invite to upload your photo. Once you receive that email with your unique link to update your profile, you will use your valid Morehouse My Portal (Okta) account with the proper credentials to log in and upload your photo.

    Once you receive that link by email, you will use your My Portal (Okta) account, and follow the instructions below:

    Instructions for Uploading Your Photo:

     Click the Submit Your Photo button below.

    1. Please read the Terms & Conditions.
    2. Click the blue button to accept the Terms and Conditions.
    3. Click on the cloud logo, select the photo you want to use and click “Open.”  
    4. The helper bot will approve or deny the photo (please do not close the window).
    5. Once approved click the “Sign Out” link.  You will receive an approval email with the next steps. 
      • If your photo is denied, please review the criteria on the left side of the screen or check your email for a Photo Submission Denied notification.
      • Repeat steps 4 through 6 above to upload a new photo. 

    There is an air of expectancy at Morehouse College. It is expected that the student who enters here will do well.

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