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    Resources for Faculty and Staff Abroad

    Find Resources for Studying Abroad


    Faculty and Staff Resources

    Are you interested in leading a study abroad program? To learn more about executing a program abroad, explore this condensed workflow for a general overview of the process. Please thoroughly review the Guidelines to Design and Implement Faculty/Staff-Led Study Abroad Programs for more details.  



    • A comprehensive proposal is required for faculty and staff who wish to run a program abroad.  
    • The proposal is submitted to the Education Abroad Committee (EAC) and is evaluated using the proposal approval rubric 
    • Preview proposal application questions  
    • EAC proposal approval is valid for two years 
    • For unchanged proposals, a renewal proposal application is required after two years of EAC proposal 
    • A new proposal is required if a program has not run for the past two years or if there have been significant changes to the program (i.e. change of country) 
    • Proposals to lead programs abroad must be submitted by a full-time faculty or staff member. Proposals can be for programs that include coursework, research, civic engagement/service-learning, cultural enrichment, or any combination of these activities.  
    • Credit-bearing study abroad programs are a priority for the Office of International Education. Please review our Credit Bearing Study Abroad document for program model outlines.  
    • Submission instructions


    Pre Departure Packing, Bonner (1)


    • Traveler Safety- travel safety guidelines for faculty and students 
    • OIE Faculty/Staff-Led Incident Report – form used to report an incident to OIE while abroad (in addition to Emergency Action Plan Protocols) 
    • Worldwide Travel Visa Guide- learn the requirements and how to apply for a visa to any country in the world 


    Post-Program Resources  



    Term Deadline
    Winter Break/J-Mester Programs April 1, 2024
    Spring Break Programs August 1, 2024
    Summer Programs September 1, 2024