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    Morehouse College Office of Admission recognizes the critical role that counselors play in supporting their students and values our partnership at each point in the admission process.

    Information for Counselors

    Resources to assist prospective and admitted students:

    At Morehouse, we appreciate everything you do to support your students as they consider applying to college. School counselors and access professionals play a key role in helping students select the college or university that is right for them. We’re here to help you take your student’s educational dreams and turn them into reality.

    About Morehouse

    Who We Are

    Fields of Study

    Get information on our divisions, departments, and offered majors.

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    Scholar Programs

    Morehouse and its partners administer numerous programs that serve students of all ages and help everyone expand their knowledge, perspectives, and personal and professional development.

    Tuition and Fees

    Help your students understand the investment they are making in their future.

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    Financial Aid and Scholarships

    We are here to help each student and their family understand financial aid, scholarship, grant, and payment options that fit their unique needs.

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    Campus Tours

    Walk in the footsteps of history, where American Presidents have spoken, Dr. King was eulogized, Civil Rights Movements began, and talented students became transformative leaders.

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    Step-By-Step Admissions FAQ

    Here you will find all the things you need to prepare your students for a smooth transition to the House! 

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    Counselors are Key to the Admissions Process

    College is a big decision, and we are here to help you and your students make the application process as simple as possible. And weWe support your efforts by providing you with the tools and information you need to help your students decide if Morehouse College is the perfect fit for them. Use this page to get details about the admissions process, find out about events specifically for counselors, request campus tours & school visits, and engage with our Admissions team.



    A completed application for new first-time applicants includes the following:

    • Essay (choose any of the essay prompts)
    • On-line application fee or valid application fee waiver
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation. One (1) letter must come from the student’s current school counselor
    • Official high school transcript*
    • Official SAT/ACT scores (optional for 2023-2024 application)
    • Student Resume (optional)


    To ensure the timely processing of application materials during the admission cycle, please submit documents via the Common App or other online credential request services.

    Morehouse has also partnered with, through which you may upload materials directly for applicants. In the rare circumstances thatIf the preceding methods of submission are not options, please contact for other options. If an item has been sent to Morehouse electronically, please do not mail duplicate hard copies.

    *Documents with an asterisk beside it must be submitted directly from the high school and will not be accepted if submitted by the applicant.


    Learn More About Morehouse

    Morehouse College was founded in 1867 and is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are the nation’s only historically black private liberal arts college for men. For over 150 years, we have prepared young men to change the world through leadership and service—driven by innovation, technology, global cultural dexterity, and a liberal arts foundation of knowledge.

    Click the button below to request more information, plan a school visit or schedule a college tour.

    Meet The Admissions Team

    We’re here to help you take your student’s educational dreams and turn them into reality.

    Headshot of Marilyn Bibby
    Marilyn Bibby Student and Family Care Manager
    Headshot of Sean Burnett
    Sean Burnett Assistant Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Alvin Conteh
    Alvin Conteh Associate Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Ryan Gray
    Ryan Gray Senior Recruitment Manager for Online Admissions
    Headshot of Michael Gumm
    Michael Gumm Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Stefan Harden
    Stefan Harden Undergraduate Recruiter
    Headshot of Xavier McKenzie
    Xavier McKenzie Undergraduate Recruiter
    Headshot of Ethelene Meadows
    Ethelene Meadows Receptionist for OSMCA
    Headshot of Darrius Pearson
    Darrius Pearson Undergraduate Recruiter
    Headshot of Descatur
    Descatur "Des" Potier Executive Director of Admissions
    Headshot of Paula Resley
    Paula Resley Chief Brand Officer and VP of Admissions