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    Parent Engagement

    Welcome to the Parent Engagement department at Morehouse College, where we are dedicated to fostering strong partnerships with parents to ensure the excellence and success of our students.

    About PArent Engagement

    Our primary goal is to collaborate with parents as active participants in their student's educational journey, providing support, resources, and opportunities for engagement throughout their time at Morehouse.

    At Morehouse, we believe that parental involvement is crucial to student success, which is why we offer various engagement opportunities throughout the academic year. These include:

    1. Parents and Family Weekend: A special event held annually where parents and families are invited to campus to participate in activities, workshops, and campus tours, providing a firsthand glimpse into their student's college experience.
    2. Admitted Students Weekend: Designed for prospective families, this event allows them to explore the campus, meet faculty and staff, and learn more about the opportunities available at Morehouse College.
    3. New Student Orientation: An essential program for incoming students and their families, providing information about campus resources, academic expectations, and support services available to ensure a smooth transition into college life.
    4. Homecoming: A cherished tradition at Morehouse, Homecoming brings together students, alumni, faculty, staff, and families for a weekend of celebration, festivities, and reconnecting with the Morehouse community.

    In our efforts to keep families informed, supported, and engaged regionally, we work closely with the Morehouse College Parents Council (MCPC). The MCPC serves as a vital link between the college and parents, offering guidance, advocacy, and support. More information about the MCPC can be found at MCPC International.

    To facilitate communication and engagement, we utilize "The Family Connection," our official communication portal powered by CampusESP. Through this platform, parents and family members can access important updates, announcements, and resources tailored to their needs and interests. We encourage all parents to connect with us by visiting Morehouse College's CampusESP portal.

    Our office is conveniently located in the Welcome Center, Suite 103, and we welcome parents and families to visit us anytime. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or simply want to connect with our team, we are here to support you every step of the way in your student's journey at Morehouse College.