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    Community Sponsorships

    Welcome to the Community Partnerships department at Morehouse College, where we actively seek collaborations with alumni, corporations, and the broader community to foster mutually beneficial relationships that enrich scholarship, research, and creative activity.

    About Community Sponsorships

    At Morehouse, we believe in the power of partnerships to enhance curriculum, teaching, and learning while preparing educated and engaged citizens for the future.

    We welcome the opportunity to work with individuals and organizations from both the public and private sectors who share our commitment to academic excellence and community engagement. By pooling our knowledge, expertise, and resources, we can address pressing societal challenges, promote innovation, and create positive change in our communities.

    Our community partnerships encompass a wide range of activities and initiatives, including:

    1. Knowledge Sharing: Collaborating with experts, professionals, and thought leaders to exchange ideas, share best practices, and advance knowledge in various fields of study.
    2. Resource Sharing: Leveraging the resources and networks of our partners to support research projects, academic programs, and student initiatives.
    3. Enrichment Programs: Developing programs, workshops, and events that provide educational opportunities and enhance the academic experience for students and community members alike.
    4. Community Engagement: Engaging with local communities through service-learning projects, outreach efforts, and community-based research initiatives that address real-world issues and contribute to positive social change.
    5. Career Development: Providing mentorship, internship, and job placement opportunities that empower students to succeed academically and professionally. Learn more about Career Services at Morehouse HERE.

    If you are interested in exploring opportunities to partner with Morehouse College, we encourage you to reach out to The Office of External Relations and Alumni Engagement at 470-639-0400. Together, we can build meaningful partnerships that benefit our students, our communities, and society as a whole. Thank you for considering collaboration with Morehouse College, where we are committed to making a difference through education, innovation, and community engagement.