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    Preparing for New Student Orientation

    New Student Orientation at Morehouse will be the first days of the rest of your life representing Morehouse wherever you go and always being seen in your best light. Of course, the Morehouse experience upon which you are embarking is all about preparing you for a life of leadership and service, but there are things you should prepare for even before you arrive on campus. 

    Dress for Success

    NSO-Dress-for-SuccessIt’s true. Atlanta is super hot in the summer (Hotlanta). However, a Morehouse Man is always ready for action. That’s why much of your New Student Orientation activity will require professional attire. From the very beginning, you’ll get in the habit of always looking like you are ready for business. 

    It’s about more than just the look, however. Professional and well-attended dress signals attention to detail, a sense of pride, and even respect for others you engage in–that they are worthy of engaging with your best self. As you dress for success outwardly, you’ll also gain inner confidence, which is the most important aspect of all.

    • Dress pants, dress shoes, solid dress shirts, and ties (jackets optional) are required for designated occasions.
    • Casual attire will be allowed only during certain events.
    • Low-rider pants, do-rags, and flip-flops are not allowed.
    • All hats are to be removed in campus buildings.


    nso-image-2You won’t exactly go to class during NSO, but you will begin to learn what it takes to be a Man of Morehouse. There are some key predictors of success in college, and you’ll be called on to exhibit many of these from the moment you step foot on campus. Take time to get familiar with these “Habits of Highly Successful Students.”

    • Detach from your phone.

    Turn off your cellphones. Please refrain from using your cellphones during the learning sessions, classes, Crown Forum, and lectures. Remember it’s up to you to get the information you need to become a successful student.

    • Set goals.

    Goals keep students focused on the future. Goals help students decide on what’s important and what’s not. If you have a vision of where you want to go, you’re more likely to get there. Students with goals find it easier to say no to irresponsible behaviors because they are saying yes to their vision of the future.

    • Plan your time.

    Responsible people meet their obligations, whether it’s turning in a paper on the day it’s due or having a report on the boss’s desk when it’s needed. It takes planning. (If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.) Use a digital or big calendar to help organize your time.Write down all your commitments and use the calendar to plan time for homework and study each day.

    • Study every day.

    Responsible students set aside time for homework or studying every day. If there is no homework that day, review your class notes or research additional material in preparation for an upcoming exam. READ! READ! READ!

    • Have the tools you need.

    Responsible people honor their commitments. They succeed in school by doing their assignments well and on time, and they do their share of group projects. Set realistic and attainable commitments to yourself and others and feel the satisfaction that comes from meeting those commitments.

    • Get ready ahead of time.

    Some students start out every morning with a crisis. Yes things happen! But responsible students have learned that being late, or being early, is not something that simply happens; it is a choice they make. Take five or 10 minutes before bedtime to get ready for the next day. Pack the bag appropriately. Lay out clothes. SET YOUR ALARM! You will soon see that those few minutes will make the mornings easier and help get you to class on time, ready to learn.

    There is an air of expectancy at Morehouse College. It is expected that the student who enters here will do well.

    Dr. Benjamin E. Mays | Title and Company: