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    Meet Trustee Johnson



    Board Member

    Board of Trustees

    • Morehouse College, Board Member
    • EY LLP, Americas
      Vice Chair – Markets and Accounts

    Morehouse College

    Bachelor of Arts


    Sam is the EY Americas Vice Chair — Markets and Accounts. In this role, he leads the EY Americas growth strategy by engaging and motivating
    71,000 people to drive top-line growth and propel the EY brand in the market. He is a member of the US Executive Committee and the EY Americas Operating Executive. His innovation and keen business insights continue the growth of the US firm’s capabilities and support the global organization’s ambition of becoming the leading global professional services provider.

    During his 28-year EY career, Sam has served in various positions, successfully growing and transforming the EY business. Previously, Sam was Vice Chair and Southeast Region Managing Partner, where he oversaw more than 5,000 EY professionals across six US states, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

    From his tenure as EY Americas Risk Management and Internal Controls Services Leader, Sam has an in-depth knowledge around risk management compliance and internal control programs. He has also served as Accounts and Business Development Managing Partner and Advisory Managing Partner for the EY Northeast Region. As an advocate for early childhood education, Sam pursues his passion by contributing time to several community boards and mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

    Sam and his wife, Stefanie, reside in Atlanta and have three children: Jordan, Justin and Jason.

    In Conversation...


    My decision to serve on the Morehouse College Board of Trustees, is deeply rooted in my belief in the transformative power of education. I have always been drawn to the mission of assisting others thrive. Being an actively engaged alum and supporter of Morehouse College is one way to secure the preservation of our great institution and the impacts it has made for the next 150 years and beyond.

    It is about more than conserving tradition, but also about ensuring future generations have equal, if not greater, opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. I identify with many students who have experienced or thought that society associated them with failure versus accomplishment. I, too, encountered challenges, and it was through the unwavering support of Morehouse that I was able to redefine my narrative. This is why I am so committed to making sure each student, regardless of their background or circumstances, is given a chance and platform to turn their potential into achievement.

    In a way, being on the Board of Trustees, is my way of giving back, and more importantly, of looking forward – to a future of ongoing hope, resilience, greatness, and developing changemakers in our civic and business communities.


    The guidance of Dr. Hugh Gloster, former president of Morehouse College, and Professor Ed Eugene, an esteemed accounting instructor, has been invaluable in shaping my journey as a leader through uncertain times and the corporate realm.

    Dr. Gloster’s tenure at Morehouse epitomized visionary leadership, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to the growth of Black intellectuals. His legacy reminds me of the importance of standing firm in one’s beliefs, even in the face of adversity. His dedication to fostering an environment of academic excellence and holistic growth at Morehouse inspired me to always strive for the best, not just myself but for the community I represent.

    Professor Eugene provided me with invaluable lessons that extended far beyond the classroom. He emphasized the significance of integrity, diligence, and continuous learning. In the often-complex world of corporate dynamics, the principles I learned from him serve as my compass, ensuring I make decisions that are not only sound in business but also ethically robust.

    These men highlighted the importance of embracing my identity in all aspects of life. They instilled in me the belief that every issue, no matter how intimidating, can be overcome, and that my insights are valued and necessary in shaping a more inclusive and just corporate landscape. Their legacies are a continuous reminder of the role I must play: to lead with purpose, inspire the next generation, and drive meaningful change in the work I do.


    As a Morehouse College Board trustee my primary focus of impacts will include:

    • Championing affordable education: Education is the cornerstone of personal and societal growth, which makes it imperative for us to ensure every student can attain a quality education without the burden of overwhelming debt. We can advocate for tuition structures which include considerations for various economic backgrounds, explore partnerships for scholarship programs, and promote endowment growth to subsidize costs.

    • Supporting our faculty with competitive compensation and ample resources: Our faculty is the backbone of Morehouse, who directly influence the quality of education and growth of our students. Just as Professor Eugene inspired and invested his time and efforts in me, we must remember our professors/professionals also need continued development opportunities, compensation reflective of their value and expertise, and are equipped to provide the best education they can.

    • Enhancing student experiences: Beyond the classroom, college life plays a pivotal role in shaping individuals. We can enhance or expand current extracurricular activities, encourage more community engagement, normalize the importance of mental wellness; and prepare our students for what is beyond college.

    • Fortifying Morehouse’s foundation for another 150 years: We have been a part of the Black community locally and globally – developing changemakers who have made not only Black history but American history. To ensure the longevity and tradition of our legacy, we must champion sustainable practices for our infrastructure, embrace technological advancements, foster a culture of innovation, establishment of financial safeguards, continued focus on alumni relations, and nurture more community partnerships and alliances.


    “Ray” is my all-time favorite film. Ray Charles’ journey through challenges and triumphs serve as a testimony to human resilience and a strong spirit. It is more than a biopic film, it is an ode to the words and teachings of my grandmother – “With determination, talent, and true faith in one’s own abilities – one can transform their life of obstacles into opportunities of significant change”.

    Belief, talent and staying true to oneself are principles that resonate with me, which is why “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown and  “30 Million Words” by Dana Suskind are two books I highly suggest to everyone. “Essentialism” encapsulates the art of prioritization and the power of choice. While some see it as a life decluttering guide, it also illustrates how we can distinguish what really matters to streamline focus and energies. “30 Million Words” explores the power of words and their impact of early childhood communication or brain development. It’s been a revelation about the transformative power of language, especially as we nurture young minds in our communities and educational ecosystems.