TigerPay is our web-based billing and payment system. We do not mail billing statements to enrolled students.

You may pay anything on your student account through TigerPay. This includes tuition, mandatory fees, mandatory insurance, housing, and meal plans.

Access to TigerPay

You must regulary check your TigerPay account to verify charges and ensure payments are made on time. Federal privacy laws require students to add parents as authorized users before they may access your account.

Student Login Steps 

  1. Login to MyPortal at
  2. Select the BannerWeb icon.
  3. Select Student Accounts tab.
  4. Select TigerPay icon.
  5. TigerPay will open in a new browser window.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act requires that your student authorize you before you can view or access your student’s account. Once authorized, you may access your student’s account following the steps below.

Set Up an Authorized User

  1. Follow the steps above to access TigerPay
  2. Select the “Add New” link in the “Authorized User” box at the bottom left of the page
  3. Follow the steps to set up an Authorized User

You may set up as many authorized users as you wish. You may also delete an authorized user. Once set up, the authorized user receives a notification email. We cannot reset passwords. You must log into TigerPay to reset passwords. Follow the steps below once given access.

  1. Access the Authorized Users secure website
  2. Enter the user ID provided in your email confirmation
  3. Enter the password provided in your email confirmation (you will need to change your password at your first login)
Monitoring Account Activity

You may view real time, up-to-date account activity via TigerPay by selecting the transaction history link in the “Your Account” section. Whether or not you check your student account activity, you are still responsible for payment of the balance by the due date.

The eBill is a snapshot of your student account transactions as of the generated date. Activity and payments made after your generated eBill are reflected on the next monthly statement. You may view transactions immediately in the account transaction history in TigerPay.