Cost of Attendence

cost of attendence

Residential Students
 Living On CampusLiving Off CampusLiving With Parents
Mandatory Fees*$3,593$2,430$2,430
Room and Board*$14,606$13,779$4,788
Books and Supplies$2,000$2,000$2,000
Miscellaneous Fees$1,432$1,432$1,432
Total Cost$49,799$48,939$39,948

*Direct cost charged to your student account. For room/board, cost is only charged to your student account if you live on campus.

Morehouse Online Degree Program
 Living Off-Campus
Mandatory Fees*$470
Room and Board$13,779
Books and Supplies$2,000
Miscellaneous Fees$1,432
Total Cost$32,081

*Direct cost charged to your student account.

The cost of attendance is comprised of direct and indirect costs. Indirect costs are estimates and may vary depending on an individual student’s situation. View the complete schedule of fees for a breakdown of mandatory fees. To find out what students like you paid last year to attend Morehouse, use our net price calculator.