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Morehouse College 
Office of Admissions
830 Westview Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314

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Phone: (404) 215-2618

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Paula Resley

Position: Vice President of Admissions
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Paula:

Chief Brand Officer and Vice President of Strategic Communications, Marketing, and Admissions

Descatur “Des” Potier

Descatur “Des” Potier

Position: Executive Director of Admissions
Phone: 470-639-0486
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Des:

Areas of Focus: Pre-collegiate Programs, Transfer Articulation Agreements, Online Admissions, College Access Initiatives, International Student Outreach

Out of State: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming

Michael Gumm

Michael Gumm

Position: Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Phone: 470-637-1379
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Michael:

Areas of Focus: Private School, International Student Process, Morehouse College Admissions – Alumni Volunteer Program and Morehouse College – School Counselor Program

Out of State: Illinois, Rhode Island, Maine, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Georgia Territories: Rockdale & NE Georgia/Gwinnett County

Other Areas: Private Schools

Antonio McFarland

Antonio McFarland

Position: Associate Director of Admissions for Operations, Processing, and Special Projects
Phone: 470-639-0408
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Antonio:

Areas of Focus: Application Review/Processing, Operations, & Special Projects

Out of State: Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina (Home State), Tennessee, Texas

Georgia: Dekalb, Cherokee, and Douglas Counties

Alvin Conteh

Alvin Conteh

Position: Associate Director of Admissions for Recruitment and Athletics Liaison
Phone: 470-639-0947
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Alvin:

Areas of Focus: Recruitment Calendar, Athletics and Change of Starts

Out of State: California, Colorado, District of Columbia (DC), Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Virginia

Georgia: S. Fulton, Clayton, Fayette, and Henry Counties

Stefan Heard

Stefan Harden

Position: Undergraduate Recruiter
Phone: 470-639-0694
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Stefan:

Areas of Focus: Readmits and Transient

Out of State: Arkansas, Indiana,  Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Michigan, West Virginia, and Wisconsin

Georgia: Columbus, Augusta, Macon, Savannah, and Warner Robins

Jacory Bernard

Jacory Bernard

Position: Undergraduate and Transfer Recruiter
Phone: 470-639-0962
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Jacory:

Areas of Focus:  Transfers, Campus Tours, and Student Ambassadors

Out of State: Louisiana (Home State), Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Georgia: Cobb and North Fulton

Other Areas: All community and technical colleges

Marilyn Bibby

Marilyn Bibby

Position: Student and Family Care Manager
Phone: 470-639-0606
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Marilyn:

Areas of Focus: Student and Family Care, Events and Tours

Ryan Gray

Ryan Gray

Position: Senior Recruitment Manager for Online Admissions
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Ryan:

Areas of Focus: Recruitment Online Admissions (Morehouse Online)

Taneshia Lyles

Taneshia Lyles

Position: Administrative Assistant II, OSMCA
Phone: 470-637-0943
Categories: Admissions, Staff
Contact Taneshia:

Areas of Focus: The Office of Strategic Communications, Marketing, and Admissions


georgia residents
Augusta-Richmond CountyStefan Harden
Appling CountyAlvin Conteh
Atkinson CountyJacory Bernard
Bacon CountyJacory Bernard
Baker CountyJacory Bernard
Baldwin CountyStefan Harden
Barrow CountyStefan Harden
Bartow CountyAntonio McFarland
Ben Hill CountyJacory Bernard
Berrien CountyJacory Bernard
Bibb CountyStefan Harden
Bleckley CountyAlvin Conteh
Brantley CountyJacory Bernard
Brooks CountyJacory Bernard
Bryan CountyJacory Bernard
Bulloch CountyJacory Bernard
Burke CountyMichael Gumm
Butts CountyAntonio McFarland
Butts CountyStefan Harden
Calhoun CountyJacory Bernard
Camden CountyJacory Bernard
Candler CountyAlvin Conteh
Carroll CountyAntonio McFarland
Carroll CountyStefan Harden
Catoosa CountyAntonio McFarland
Charlton CountyJacory Bernard
Chatham County except for City of SavannahJacory Bernard
Chatham County- City of SavannahStefan Harden
Chattahoochee CountyMichael Gumm
Chattooga CountyAntonio McFarland
Cherokee CountyAntonio McFarland
Clarke CountyStefan Harden
Clay CountyMichael Gumm
Clayton CountyAlvin Conteh
Clinch CountyJacory Bernard
Cobb CountyJacory Bernard
Coffee CountyJacory Bernard
Colquitt CountyJacory Bernard
Columbia CountyMichael Gumm
Cook CountyJacory Bernard
Coweta CountyAntonio McFarland
Coweta CountyStefan Harden
Crawford CountyStefan Harden
Crisp CountyMichael Gumm
Dade CountyAntonio McFarland
Decatur CountyJacory Bernard
DeKalb County (including Atlanta residents located in Dekalb County)Antonio McFarland
Dodge CountyAlvin Conteh
Dooly CountyMichael Gumm
Dougherty CountyJacory Bernard
Douglas CountyAntonio McFarland
Early CountyJacory Bernard
Echols CountyJacory Bernard
Effingham CountyJacory Bernard
Elbert CountyStefan Harden
Emanuel CountyAlvin Conteh
Evans CountyAlvin Conteh
Fannin CountyAntonio McFarland
Fayette CountyAlvin Conteh
Floyd CountyAntonio McFarland
Fulton County – City of Atlanta residents located in Fulton CountyAlvin Conteh
Fulton County-City of South FultonAlvin Conteh
Fulton County except for Atlanta and City of South FultonJacory Bernard
Gilmer CountyAntonio McFarland
Glascock CountyMichael Gumm
Glynn CountyJacory Bernard
Gordon CountyAntonio McFarland
Grady CountyJacory Bernard
Greene CountyStefan Harden
Gwinnett CountyMichael Gumm
Hancock CountyMichael Gumm
Haralson CountyAntonio McFarland
Harris CountyMichael Gumm
Heard CountyAntonio McFarland
Heard CountyStefan Harden
Henry CountyAlvin Conteh
Houston CountyStefan Harden
Irwin CountyJacory Bernard
Jackson CountyStefan Harden
Jasper CountyStefan Harden
Jeff Davis CountyAlvin Conteh
Jefferson CountyMichael Gumm
Jenkins CountyMichael Gumm
Johnson CountyAlvin Conteh
Jones CountyStefan Harden
Lamar CountyAntonio McFarland
Lamar CountyStefan Harden
Lanier CountyJacory Bernard
Laurens CountyAlvin Conteh
Lee CountyJacory Bernard
Liberty CountyJacory Bernard
Lincoln CountyMichael Gumm
Long CountyJacory Bernard
Lowndes CountyJacory Bernard
Macon CountyMichael Gumm
Macon-Bibb CountyStefan Harden
Madison CountyStefan Harden
Marion CountyMichael Gumm
McDuffie CountyMichael Gumm
McIntosh CountyJacory Bernard
Meriwether CountyAntonio McFarland
Meriwether CountyStefan Harden
Miller CountyJacory Bernard
Mitchell CountyJacory Bernard
Monroe CountyStefan Harden
Montgomery CountyAlvin Conteh
Morgan CountyStefan Harden
Murray CountyAntonio McFarland
Muscogee County except for City of ColumbusMichael Gumm
Muscogee County- City of ColumbusStefan Harden
Newton CountyStefan Harden
Oconee CountyStefan Harden
Oglethorpe CountyStefan Harden
Paulding CountyAntonio McFarland
Peach CountyStefan Harden
Pickens CountyAntonio McFarland
Pierce CountyJacorey Bernard
Pike CountyAntonio McFarland
Pike CountyStefan Harden
Polk CountyAntonio McFarland
Pulaski CountyStefan Harden
Putnam CountyStefan Harden
Quitman CountyMichael Gumm
Randolph CountyMichael Gumm
Richmond County except for City of AugustaMichael Gumm
Rockdale CountyMichael Gumm
Schley CountyMichael Gumm
Screven CountyJacory Bernard
Seminole CountyJacory Bernard
Spalding CountyAntonio McFarland
Spalding CountyStefan Harden
Stewart CountyMichael Gumm
Sumter CountyMichael Gumm
Talbot CountyMichael Gumm
Taliaferro CountyMichael Gumm
Tattnall CountyAlvin Conteh
Taylor CountyMichael Gumm
Telfair CountyAlvin Conteh
Terrell CountyJacory Bernard
Thomas CountyJacory Bernard
Tift CountyJacory Bernard
Toombs CountyAlvin Conteh
Treutlen CountyAlvin Conteh
Troup CountyAntonio McFarland
Troup CountyStefan Harden
Turner CountyJacory Bernard
Twiggs CountyStefan Harden
Upson CountyAntonio McFarland
Upson CountyStefan Harden
Walker CountyAntonio McFarland
Walton CountyStefan Harden
Ware CountyJacory Bernard
Warren CountyMichael Gumm
Washington CountyMichael Gumm
Wayne CountyAlvin Conteh
Webster CountyMichael Gumm
Wheeler CountyAlvin Conteh
Whitfield CountyAntonio McFarland
Wilcox CountyAlvin Conteh
Wilkes CountyMichael Gumm
Wilkinson CountyStefan Harden
Worth CountyJacory Bernard
Michael Gumm

Director of Admissions and Recruitment 

Phone: (470) 637-1379

Areas of Focus: Undergraduate Recruitment, Private School, International Student Process, MC Alumni Program and School Counselor Program

Antonio McFarland

Associate Director of Admissions

Office Phone: 470-639-0408

Areas of Focus: Undergraduate Recruitment, Applications Processing, Operations, & Special Projects

Alvin Conteh

Associate Director of Admissions

Office Phone: 470-639-0947

Areas of Focus: Undergraduate Recruitment, Recruitment Calendar/Athletics Liaison

Stefan Harden

Undergraduate Recruiter

Office Phone: 470-639-0694

Areas of Focus: Undergraduate Recruiting, Readmits,  and Transient

Jacory Bernard

Undergraduate and Transfer Recruiter

Office Phone: 470-639-0692

Areas of Focus: Undergraduate Recruiting, Transfers, Campus Tours, and Ambassadors

Ranita Dailey

West Coast Recruiter

Office Phone: 404-215-2648

Areas of Focus: Undergraduate Recruiting, California Regional Recruiter

Descatur “Des” Potier

Executive Director of Admissions, Recruitment, and Strategic Partnerships; Director of Online Admissions

Office Phone: 470-639-0486

Areas of Focus: Pre-collegiate programs, transfer articulation agreements, online admissions, college access initiatives, international student outreach

Ryan Gray

Sr. Recruitment Manager for Online Admissions

Areas of Focus: Online Admissions

u.s. residents outside of georgia