Urban Studies


Established in 1976, our urban studies program enjoys an excellent reputation in the nation, and especially among the universities and colleges in Atlanta that offer urban studies and city and regional planning programs. Our program’s core introduces students to the field and prepares them for advanced work. We also offer two concentrations, urban management and urban planning.


Students who earn a degree in urban studies should be able to:

  • Advance the state of the art of urban studies and planning education
  • Recognize and determine the underlying structural systems of communities
  • Foster planning in democratic societies by emphasizing public interest advocacy and political engagement
  • Act as progressive change agents rather than as defenders of the status quo
  • Respond to the users of planning services in public as well as the private sector
  • Provide service to cities and the states by translating and applying urban studies training to the solution of specific community problems
Major Course of Study Requirements

Urban studies is made up of the core curriculum and two concentrations, urban management and urban planning.

Included in each concentration is an internship in the junior or senior year, which consists of onsite experiences where students apply classroom knowledge to real-world urban problems.