Join one of the world’s most noble professions and impact countless lives by enabling learning, growth, and development.


We prepare students for a wide range of careers and graduate study in education or related fields through the B.A. in education. Our degree is based on a customized course of study that crosses disciplines and connects education theories to the theories and practices in humanities, arts, social and natural sciences. In keeping with our institutional mandate to prepare students to lead consequential lives, the Morehouse Center of Excellence in Education offers a curriculum shaped by the theoretical and scholarly traditions unique to Morehouse College. Woven into all courses and activities are the Morehouse College standards of excellence that promote acuity, agency, integrity, and brotherhood, thus making the center’s Educator Preparation Program the only one of its kind.



Our program offers teacher certification in Early Childhood Education (Grades P-5), Secondary Education (Grades 6-12) in and chemistry, mathematics, English, political science, history, and physics, and Preschool through 12th Grade Education in Spanish. We also offer a non-certified education major and minor.

Early Childhood Concentration

The Early Childhood Education concentration develops innovative, action-oriented educational leaders for classrooms, schools, districts, and communities throughout the world. Our alumni are confident, thoughtful leaders committed to the highest standards of education for children in diverse communities. They are tireless advocates for all children.

  • Possess a solid theoretical foundation in education that intersects with theories in the humanities andsocial sciences
  • Develop specialized knowledge in a particular discipline or content area and broad exposure to education-related scholarship and practices
  • Understand the multiple non-cognitive variables and social conditions that determine student outcomes
  • Identify and communicate how Black thought leaders, scholars, and Morehouse Men influenced education
  • Commit themselves to ensure educational practices and environments promote equity, justice, and academic excellence for Black students
  • Promote inquiry, optimism, curiosity, and a growth mindset
  • Become aware of how systems and actors influence educational practices, policies, and outcomes
  • Understand the traditional, contemporary and critical pedagogical approaches broadly
  • Make an impact in schools, community and/or youth serving organizations
  • Retain experiences, resources, and mentors that will support their growth and development as an educator


Education Major (Non-certification)

The non-certification education degree is for those seeking education-related careers like advocacy, policy, and nonprofit work. The program’s liberal arts coursework develops multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives. The curriculum includes a capstone experience that allows each student to conduct research, intern in non-public school educational settings, and study abroad where possible. After completing our program, students may pursue education-related careers such as developing non-profit curriculum, creating educational programs for media, or working in museums. The degree is structured to give students a strong foundational background in education to support graduate study.

Non-certification major outcomes:

  • Understand child and adolescent growth and development
  • Understand, evaluate and use educational research in his chosen career
  • Use technology to communicate with diverse audiences
  • Understand the impact of language diversity, learner
  • Diversity, and cultural diversity in interactions and communications when providing services
  • Display ethical practices and professional dispositions
  • Demonstrate professional oral and written communication
  • Demonstrate competency in use of digital technologies
  • Acquire skills to facilitate life-long learning
  • Engage in self-refection and self-assessment


Ballenger, Horace

• Assistant Professor
• A.A., North Carolina College of Theology
• B.S., Clemson University
• M.A.T., Clemson University
• Ph.D., Clemson University

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Gilbert, Nina

• Assistant Professor
• B.S., University of West Georgia
• M.Ed., Clark Atlanta University
• Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania

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Morris, Muhsinah

• Assistant Professor NTT
• B.S., Clark Atlanta University
• M.B.A., Devry University
• Ph.D., Emory University

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