Computer Science


The primary goal of the computer science program at Morehouse is to prepare the student for graduate studies in computer science and entry into the workforce as a computer professional at the highest level possible. The program has a continuing commitment to develop students with a fundamental appreciation for computing issues. The computer science program emphasizes the acquisition of marketable knowledge and skills for professional careers in areas such as computer systems, programming languages, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and databases.

The computer science program is designed to provide a broad introduction to the field within the context of liberal arts education. Many of the courses emphasize the interrelationships between computer science and other disciplines. Students select course sequences that will allow them to combine studies in computer science with their interest in other areas. The program is sensitive to the fluid nature of the field of computer science and is flexible enough to respond to the rapidly changing developments in the field. While majors share many of the same courses, the liberal arts orientation of the program is intended to permit the student the opportunity to design a specific course of study that suits this particular interest.

Students should consult with a departmental advisor about their course selections after they decide to become computer science majors. The goal is to make a coherent selection of lower- and upper-division courses.


Students who successfully complete the degree requirements for computer science will:

  • Be able to understand and apply fundamental knowledge of computational and mathematical concepts needed to solve problems of practical interest
  • Demonstrate proficiency in analyzing, designing, building, and implementing computer-based systems designed to solve practical problems and meet needs in engineering and technology
  • Develop an awareness of the implications of the role that computing and technological advances play in contemporary society
Major Course of Study Requirements

The following courses are required for the B.S. computer science degree: HCSC 106,110, 160, 260, 285, 310, 311, 361, 375, 410, 415, 435, and 461.

The following mathematics courses are required: HMTH 161, 162, 271, 253, and 341. One sequence from the following three-course options in science is required:

  • HBIO 113, HPHY154, HPHY 253
  • HPHY 154, HBIO 111, HBIO 112
  • HBIO 113, HPHY 154, HCHEM 111