New Student Orientation

Welcome to Morehouse

The Morehouse College family is proud to present its 2015 New Student Orientation (NSO) Program to incoming freshmen and transfer students. NSO is the College’s overall effort to ensure that new students are well prepared for the journey toward academic excellence and personal development at Morehouse College. In addition to helping you successfully make the transition to your new academic environment, the orientation program is the beginning of ongoing retention initiatives that are designed to support your timely graduation from the College. Listed below are several of the activities that will take place during the orientation week. 

2015 NSO Full Schedule

Tuesday, August 11th:
Check-In; Overview of NSO for Parents; Welcome Presentation by Upperclassmen

You are to arrive on campus Tuesday, August 11, between the hours 8.00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for Check-In. The NSO Program will begin with your arrival and will end on Tuesday, August 19th

To ensure that you will be well positioned for a smooth check-in, it is important that you complete the following items no later than August 1,2015.

  1. Health Forms – These forms are required prior to your move into a residence hall. By now, you should have been contacted by the Office of Student Health Services to inform you of any missing documents. Your immunization and physical examination records are necessary to ensure your health and the health of others at Morehouse.
  2. Financial Aid – Be sure you have completed and submitted all required financial aid forms. You may view your financial aid award on TigerNet. You can visit TigerNet at MyPortal is a personal web space containing all of your resources at the College, i.e., Tigernet, Blackboard and Office 365 (email). To access the Portal, open an internet browser and type in:  The Centrify login page will open, then, enter your username, format: ( and password. If you encounter any difficulties with access, please contact the Morehouse Technology Group (MTG) Service Desk at (404) 507-8633 or via email at
  3. Financial Requirements – Official enrollment occurs after you have satisfied the full cost for the fall semester (see, click on “Enter Admissions Website” and select the tuition and fees tab).  Cost may be met with a selected combination of cash, approved financial aid and/or a Morehouse College Payment Plan.
  4. Housing Application – If you have not completed a housing application via the online portal TigerDen by July 1, 2015 it is very likely you will be automatically assigned to a residence hall. Please complete the housing application via the TigerDen Housing Application portal as soon as possible to ensure that you may receive the residence hall preference. You can apply for housing by going to TigerNet and selecting the Housing and Residence Life Tab; look for the TigerDEN application link and click to enter the online application.

Once you have completed each of these four items prior to August 1, you can be assured that you will be able to move immediately into your assigned residence hall. In addition, you are required to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam. Please see Instructions for the Foreign Language Placement Exam on the 2015 New Student Orientation website tab. If these items are not completed by August 1, you may be required to report to the college on Monday, August 10 to satisfy these enrollment requirements.

Upon entering the campus, you will be greeted by members of the Morehouse family who will guide you to your assigned residence hall. In the afternoon, an overview of the 2015 NSO Program will be presented. In the evening, Morehouse upperclassmen will present a special “Welcome” to the Class of 2019.  

Wednesday, August 12th:
Welcoming Ceremonies with Administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Students; President and First Lady Reception; Planning and  Achieving a Four Year Excellent Morehouse Experience;  Campus and Community Safety; and Parent Parting Ceremony

In the morning, you and your parents/guardians will be greeted in an Opening Assembly by the President of the College, the Provost, administrators, faculty, and staff. A President and First Lady Reception for parents will be provided following the Opening Assembly. In the afternoon, important information on the Morehouse College Academic Program and how to plan your Four Year Excellent Morehouse Experience will be presented. A memorable Parents Parting Ceremony will be held in the evening for you and your parents/guardians. The Parents Parting Ceremony is a moving and inspirational ritual that allows parents/guardians and sons to define new roles and parents to depart so that their sons can begin their “transformation.” This ceremony marks the end of the parents’ orientation program.

Thursday, August 13th through Tuesday, August 18th:
Educational, Cultural, Health, and Student Life Workshops; Rites of Passage; Student Bonding; Alumni Interaction   

Throughout the remaining orientation program you and your new brothers will engage in structured educational, cultural and developmental workshops, which are designed to enhance your overall transition into the College. You will participate in interactive learning activities designed to familiarize you with the College’s academic support resources, student life, powerful history and traditions, health services, campus safety, and others. In addition, you will engage in social interactions with neighboring Atlanta University Center freshman students.

An array of highly spirited and safe brotherhood initiation and bonding activities will be provided for you and your new brothers throughout the orientation program. These activities are designed to encourage the “Spirit” of brotherhood and support between you, your classmates, upperclassmen, Alumni, faculty, staff, and administration.

Morehouse College Alumni will play an active role in your orientation by sharing their personal experiences from their student days at Morehouse and by describing what it means to be a “Morehouse Man”. During Spirit Night, upperclassmen will discuss salient features of the history and legacy of Morehouse College and will introduce the new students to traditional Morehouse spirit songs and chants.  

Again, we look forward to your arrival at Morehouse and your participation in this year’s exciting, informative, and meaningful New Student Orientation Program! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at