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  • Assistant Professor, Africana Studies
Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado has studied the history and culture of African Americans throughout the Black Atlantic World for nearly 20 years.

Whether in the classroom, museum, or in the field, she has sought to document and teach the African-American odyssey through various mediums.

As the CEO of Preserve Black Atlanta, a non profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to identifying, recording, and preserving African-American history and culture, Dr. Sims-Alvarado has developed a model for utilizing historical and cultural assets as a catalyst for economic and community development. She has worked with some of Atlanta’s leading institutions: the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Atlanta History Center, Herndon Home Museum, Central Atlanta Progress, and Atlanta BeltLine Inc.

Dr. Sims-Alvarado received a B.A. in Mass Media Arts and an M.A. in African and African-American Studies from Clark Atlanta University and a Ph.D. in History from Georgia State University. She is currently pursuing a M.A. degree in Museum Studies from Harvard University. As well, she is a multi-recipient of the prestigious National Endowment for Humanities Summer Institute Fellowship with the Georgia Historical Society and the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute at Harvard University.

Dr. Sims-Alvarado served as the Founding Director of the John Lewis Fellowship with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. She is a leading authority on Alonzo Herndon, Atlanta’s first black millionaire, as well as the Nineteenth-Century Back-to-Africa Movement in Georgia.

She has served as the civil rights historian and exhibition consultant of “A Right to Freedom: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr” with the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm, Sweden and is a creator and co-writer of “Lifting the Veiling,” based upon W.E.B. Du Bois’s first tenured at Atlanta University.

Dr. Sims-Alvarado is the author of Atlanta and the Civil Rights Movement, 1944-1968 and the curator of the world’s longest outdoor photography exhibition documenting the long civil rights movement. Currently, she is the Historical Advisor for the immersive exhibition, The March, presented by TIME magazine, and serves as Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.



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“If you understand where you’ve been, it will help you get to where you’re going.” Dr. Ralph Basui Watkins examines this notion and more on the next edition of Talk It Out! His distinguished guests, The Historian in Heels, Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado, CEO of Preserve Black Atlanta and Dan Moore, Sr., the Founder and President of the Apex Museum talk about having an understanding history and how to allow it to add context to our current state of affairs.

Illuminated Ep.5: Black Creatives v. Respectability Politics, Cultural Appropriation & Exploitation

Morehouse professors Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado, Dr. Clarissa Myrick-Harris, and Dr. David Wall Rice discuss US history’s omissions, how to recount the truth of America’s past more accurately using mediums such photography, fashion, architecture, film, and more as well as how Black Americans used these mediums to assert their individuality, dignity, and humanity in a world determined to belittle and eradicate them.


Book Talk #5: The Civil Rights Series with Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado and Dr. Leigh Raiford

Book Talk is a weekly book and lecture talk by Ralph Basui Watkins, MFA, PhD. These talks are meant to inspire creatives to create. By taking a look at the scholarship of art in general and photography in particular these talks are meant to enrich creatives minds and move them to create more meaningful work. This is the first of the Civil Rights Series were we focus on major publications that relate to Civil Rights Photography. In this segment we highlight the work of Dr. Karcheik Sims-Alvarado and Dr. Leigh Raiford.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Atlanta Civil Rights photo exhibition is a new addition to the Beltline

Karcheik Sims-Alvarado speaks about her photo installations that are located on the Atlanta Beltline, Monday, July 9, 2018. Karcheik is presenting a 4 mile exhibit of images from her book, Atlanta and the Civil Rights Movement 1944-1968. Sixty images will be paired with descriptions to inform pedestrians as they walk along the Atlanta Beltline.