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Visual art is an area of the fine arts that appeals primarily to the visual sense and typically exists in permanent form.

Essentially, it is any art that you can see, such as: graphic design, painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, film and different arts and crafts, including ceramics and textile art. This discipline also includes the use of “new media” (or multimedia), which generally applies to art that is created with a use of a technology, especially a computer.

Spelman College offers the majority of the required core courses for majors in art through the coordinated art program of the Atlanta University Center Consortium. Though Morehouse students will complete the majority of their coursework at Spelman, they are advised by the visual arts program director at Morehouse.


The goal of the department is to serve students by providing technical, historical, and philosophical instruction in the visual arts. Our program supports Morehouse’s liberal arts tradition. It promotes excellence in the arts through a broad-based curricular framework rooted in the theory and practice of art as it relates to visual language systems and the principals of design.


Through the curriculum in art and art history and curatorial, students will:

  • Understand the role of the artist in historical and contemporary societies
  • Use creative and research skills, as well as museum experiences, as a means of exploring interdisciplinary methods of inquiry that will promote excellence in the arts
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the skills necessary for success in graduate school and/or the professional workplace
  • Demonstrate the potential for a lifelong appreciation and understanding of the visual arts through classroom as well as co-curricular experiences
  • Apply educational and experimental knowledge to further an appreciation of the arts of diverse cultures



General Education (Core)
33-48 hours

Refer to the general education requirements for more information.

Art Major
50-51 hours
  • SAVC 104A—
    Division of the Arts Freshman Seminar
  • SAVC 122— Digital Foundations
  • SAVC 120— Materials and Concepts I or
  • SAVC 130— Materials and Concepts II
  • SAVC 240A— Division of the Arts Sophomore Seminar
  • HART 131— Sculpture I
Art History Electives
  • SAVC 115— Photographic Visions
  • SAVC 280— Innovation, Art, Technology
  • SAVC 115— Contemporary Art Making Strategies
  • SAVC 290— Art Process and Practice
  • SAVC 303— Installation Art
  • SAVC 307— Creative Careers
  • SAVC 492— Portfolio Criticism I
  • SAVC 492A— Portfolio Criticism II
  • One art elective

*Internships are a required part of the art major.




The art minor is designed to provide non-art majors the opportunity to express their personal interest in art courses. This option gives students limited practical experiences and at the same time reinforces a possible continuing interest in the visual arts. The art minor requires five core courses, plus two art elective courses

Five required courses for the art studio seminar:

  • HART 110— Understanding the Visual Arts (or approved art history alternative)
  • HART 111— Basic Drawing
  • HART 113— Basic Design
  • HART 121— Painting I
  • HART 131— Sculpture I

Additionally, two art electives are required.

visual art FACULTY

Clark, Krista

• Assistant Professor NTT
• B.F.A., Atlanta College of Art
• M.A., New York University
• M.F.A., Georgia State University

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Korol, María

• Assistant Professor
• B.A., University of California, Irvine
• M.F.A., Indiana University

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