Work at Morehouse

Professional Development Training Program

As a higher education institution we value learning above all else. We've created multiple opportunities for our staff to expand their professional development through our partnership with the Office of Title III.

The Aspire professional development program provides regularly occuring trainings to help our improve employees' their knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness in whatever role they may have at Morehouse.

As a Morehouse employee you're eligible to take multiple Trainings throughout the year -- most of which will culminate in a certificate of completion that you can take with you through your career. 

Morehouse staff members are encouraged to complete at least two professional development sessions each year to stay at the top of their game. Staff are required to apply for professional development using this form.

Applications for off-campus sessions must be submitted for review by the Office of Title III Programs.

For more information, email Remeka Bowden, Title III Program Specialist; or email Adrian Cheatham, Human Resource Officer.