Patrick Bernard Washington, Ph.D.

Morehouse College

Business Administration and Economics Division Faculty
  • Associate Professor, Business Administration




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Massey Leadership Center, Room 210

(470) 639-0573

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Patrick Bernard Washington is influential in the world conversation at the intersection of finance, technology, and public policy. Professor Washington is also a distinguished author and public speaker providing innovative solutions, investing in transformative ideas, and changing people’s financial trajectory.

He is a professor of finance at Morehouse College. His research focuses on the intersections between technology, investments, real estate, and corporate governance. As a leading authority on finance and technology, he has integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence into his research and assisted companies in their implementation of data analytics.

Because of his dedication to finance, technology, and public policy, he founded the Center Advancing Financial Equity (CAFE), which provides community based, interactive financial services. Additionally, he is the CFO of the Institute of Financial and Managerial Education (FAME), a company that delivers finance and technology solutions to educational, corporate, and institutional clients.