Student Financial Services

TigerPay Help

  1.   How can I tell what my balance is?
    • The "Your "Account" section provides a summary of your account balance.  Prior Term Balance, Current Term Activity, and Future Term Activity all display your balance for the associated term.  Any financial aid that is ready to pay will display in the current and/of future pending aid section.  Other credits includes resources from other sources like a HES payment plan or third party sponsor.  The Total Amount Due provides a calculated account balance for your convenience.  For detailed transaction information, click the transation history link. 
  2. How do I make a payment?
    • Click on either make payment link to begin the online payment process.  Enter the desired payment amount and click continue to follow the prompts through the payment process.  Please note that if your pending aid and/or other credits total more than your account balance, you do not need to make a payment.
  3. Why can't I enroll in the Payment Plan?
    • If you have an outstanding balance from prior term you will not be able to enroll in the plan.  Additionally, if you are already enrolled in the HES annual plan you are not eligible to enroll.  You must pay any outstanding past due balance before you can enroll in the payment plan. 
  4. Why can't I pay by electronic check?
    • Students with a certain number of returned checks are not permitted to pay by check.  You must pay using cerrtified funds (cash, money order, certified check, credit card).
  5. Why don't I see all my accepted aid in the pending financial aid section?
    • The pending financial aid section only shows aid that is ready to pay.  This means all requirements have been satisfied and all verification documents (if applicable) have been submitted and reviewed.  If you feel that you should have additional aid that is ready to pay, please contact our financial aid office to check the status of your award.
  6. I submitted an outside scholarship check, why don't I see it reflected?
    • Outside scholarship checks have to be reviewed by our financial aid office prior to it being posted to your account as a payment.  When the review is complete the payment will reflect in the activity section for the appropriate term.
  7. What is the difference between the current term activity and future term activity?
    • Transactions for the term that is currently in session will show in the current term activity section.  When charges/payments are posted to your accunt for a term that is not currently in session, they will show in the future term activty section.