Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are some important dates I should be aware of throughout the academic year?

A1: Important registration, withdrawal, advising, and exams dates can be viewed on the Academic Calendar.

Q2: If I need some clarification regarding registering or auditing courses, declaring a major/minor, graduating, being reinstated to the College, requesting a transcript, or withdrawing, where would I be able to get that information?

A2: A good starting point would be to check out the Records and Registration FAQ page.

Q3:  I am considering withdrawing from the College and would like to know the official refund schedule.

A3: If there are concerns about any potential credit balance, or a refund/repayment amount schedule, those details can be found here.

Q4: Where can I get some clarification regarding financial aid, scholarships, and FAFSA?

A4: You should first check out the Financial Aid FAQs, found here. The Financial Aid site is quite helpful, with links to external scholarships, a loan calculator, and several other resources.

Q5: If I need to file a sexual harassment or sexual assault complaint, how may I do so?

A5: The Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedure documents are posted on the College's Title IX page, as well as the Title IX Coordinator's contact information.  Moreover, if you wish to file a complaint on behalf of yourself or someone else, there is an electronic Sexual Misconduct Complaint Form.