Faculty members play an important role in preparing Morehouse College students for their transition into today’s complex and competitive job market. It is imperative that students begin their career planning and preparation during their undergraduate years. Even if students plan to go directly to graduate or professional school immediately after graduating from Morehouse College, career preparation can begin as early as freshman year with deciding a major. All students should participate in at least one (preferably two) summer internships during their tenure at Morehouse College, in order to gain employment experience and become a competitive applicant to the job market and/or graduate school or professional school. The summer following the Junior year is the post popular time to complete an internship because the Junior year internship could lead to a job offer or help secure placement into a graduate or professional school program. Internships can include a research, academic, teaching, community service, government or corporate related placement. Below are some suggestions of creative ways you can partner with career services beyond sharing job and internship information with students.

Invite The Office of Career Planning and Placement for Non Business Majors (or One of Our Employer Partners) into Your Classroom

Are you considering canceling a class meeting because you have to attend a conference or other event that will take you off campus? Invite a career services speaker to your class instead!

If you are considering innovative ways to compliment your syllabus, consider inviting a career services staff member, or a professional from one of our employer partners to present a career related topic in your classroom. Presentations can include:

  • Career Planning
  • Choosing a Major
  • Career Options for a Particular Major
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Tailored Sessions Specific to your Course

Give Students Assignments or Credit for Attending Career Related Activities

An excellent way to assist students in making the connection between their academic studies and “real world” work place issues is to give them assignments to attend career development activities. Many faculty members assign students to attend career fairs, career development workshops, employer information sessions, and career related competitions, given by workforce leaders. See the calendar of events and check TigerNet and your Morehouse College email account for current listings of events and activities.

Assist Employers in Connecting with the Office of Career Planning and Placement for Non Business Majors

Some of the best employer contacts in the Office of Career Planning and Placement for Non Business Majors have come from faculty members who have advised employers to work with our office.