Morehouse College Strategic Plan

Capital Preeminence

Morehouse College must create a financial base to adequately support the fulfillment of its mission. Morehouse College must free itself of a small endowment, limited financial aid, deferred maintenance, and uncompetitive salaries. The world needs us to be free. Our mission demands that we be free. Capital preeminence is a freedom agenda. In order to fully educate first-rate men of intelligence and character, we must establish a significantly larger endowment, a modern campus, and new, more extensive partnerships. And we must be accurate, transparent, and efficient in the work that we do. Pursuant to this, we have five goals:

Goal 6: Attract, recruit, and retain a 21st century workforce

Goal 7: Improve organizational culture

Goal 8: Develop World-Class Infrastructure

Goal 9: Expand and Better Steward Resources

Goal 10: Explore More Cost-effective Educational Models