Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

 Submitting a Proposal for Funded Research or Program

  1. The P.I. sends an Intent to Submit Clearance Form to the ORSP at the time of his/her decision to develop a proposal for funding through a grant, contract or cooperative agreement.

  2.  The P.I. initiates and writes the proposal with assistance from the ORSP, if necessary.

  3.  The P.I. sends the proposal to his/her Department Head and/or Chair for approval using the Morehouse College Proposal Transmittal Form (MCPTF).

  4. The P.I. sends the proposal along with all agency forms to the ORSP for review at least ten business days before it is due to the prospective funding source, along with the MCPTF. 

  5.  The Vice President for Campus Operations must approve and sign the MCPTF, if the proposal requires special facilities and the Vice President for Information Technologies, if special equipment is being considered.

  6.  The ORSP returns the proposal to the P.I. with suggested corrections, if any.

  7.  The P.I. makes the necessary corrections and returns the proposal to the ORSP.

  8. The ORSP conducts a final review of the proposal before submitting it to the Associate Provost for Research, Vice President for Business and Finance and the Office of Legal Counsel (if necessary) for approval and signatures.

  9.  The ORSP will submit the proposal in the matter (electronically or mail) that the agency require after the signatures have been acquired.