Records and Registration

Letter Grades and Equivalent Grade Points

Averages are computed in grade points. Each graded semester hour of academic credit carries a corresponding number of grade points as follows:

A+   4.0 B+   3.3 C+   2.3 D+   1.3  
A     4.0 B     3.0 C     2.0 D     1.0  
A-    3.7 B-    2.7 C-    1.7 D-    0.7 F   0

Grade-Point Average Calculation
The student’s grade-point average at Morehouse College is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points (grade points x semester hours) by the total number of semester hours attempted. Except for course work taken through the cross-registration program with other Atlanta University Center schools, the grade-point average does not include hours or quality points transferred from other institutions.

Incomplete Grades
An "I" grade is intended to be only an interim course mark. It is to be used only if a student has an excusable and acceptable reason for not having completed all requirements prior to grade reporting time. The "I" notation is recorded when the student has been granted permission to defer the final examination or other parts of a course. The deferment shall be given only in the case of illness or other emergency. The student must provide to the instructor verification from the dean of student services. The student must submit the deferred work in time to have the "I" removed prior to the beginning of classes for the succeeding term (summer session is considered an academic term).

This designation is assigned when a student officially withdraws from a course(s) during the period from the conclusion of the Registration–Add/Drop Period through the seventh class day prior to the end of classes. (See Academic Calendar). The "W" indicates that the student has withdrawn without academic penalty.

The designation "P" is used to indicate satisfactory completion of non-credit and credit courses. The "P" does not accrue quality points.

Cross-Registered Courses
Because Morehouse students are eligible to participate in the cross-registration program in the Atlanta University Center, grade designations not listed above may appear on the student’s grade report and transcript.

Grade Reports
At the end of each term every eligible student should check the campus intranet, TigerNet, for lists of courses taken, the grades earned in each course, and the semester and cumulative grade-point averages. Grades will not be posted for students who have delinquent financial accounts with the College. Students whose grades do not appear on TigerNet should contact the Office of the Registrar.

Disputed Grades
If a student has substantial grounds for believing, apart from questions of the quality of work, a particular grade was assigned in a manner that was arbitrary or unjust or that crucial evidence was not taken into account, the student should first discuss the matter with the instructor. If the outcome of that discussion is not satisfactory, the student should consult with the department chairperson. The chairperson may convene a conference with the student and the instructor. If the outcome of the consultation with the department chairperson is not satisfactory, the student may appeal to the Assistant Provost for Student Success within one semester following the term for which the disputed grade was reported.