Welcome to Morehouse College’s overview of degree and graduation requirements!

The entire Morehouse community shares in your pride and excitement! We’re committed to ensuring that this important milestone in your son’s life is as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Degree Requirements

1. You must meet the 120 credit hours requirement.
2. You must meet the 60 credit hours residency requirement.
3. You must have an overall 2.0 GPA requirement.
4. You must meet all the General Education requirements.
5. You must meet all Program requirements.
6. You must earn a C or higher in courses taken in your program.
7. If you are in a program that requires a concentration, you must complete all courses required for the concentration.
8. You must meet the Elective requirements.
9. If you declared a Minor, you must meet all courses required for the Minor.
10. You must be enrolled in all programs and minors during your last semester to qualify for completion of the program or minor.

You are required to complete all requirements in order to earn the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Which includes all credit-bearing, non-credit bearing transfer credits, IB, AP and CLEP scores.


Graduation Requirements

1. You must meet all degree requirements. No exceptions!
2. You must be cleared of all financial obligations to the college.
3. You must be cleared of all outstanding library fees at Woodruff Library.
4. You must be in good standing and cannot be on suspension or probation for any disciplinary or honor code violations to be considered.