Welcome to the 2020 Morehouse College Graduation Process!

The entire Morehouse community shares in your pride and excitement. We are committed to ensuring that this important milestone in your son’s life is as enjoyable and memorable as possible.  

Graduation and Degree Requirements

Morehouse College offers an education that combines academic rigor with relevant, experiential learning experiences in a dynamic learning community that reflects the energy, spirit, and premise of our mission

Students are required to complete all requirements for graduation in order to earn the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree. These include all credit-bearing and non-credit bearing requirements, including, but not limited to Crown Forum, mandatory exit exams, seminars, and proficiency examinations or evaluations.

A student must satisfy the following requirements to earn a bachelor's degree from Morehouse:

  1. File an application for graduation by April 3, 2020.
  2. Successfully complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of non-repeat courses (exclusive of REA 098, 099, MATH 090, 105L).
  3. Complete the College’s core curriculum. The core curriculum consists of 53-59 semester hours of required coursework in the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences including Freshman Orientation and Crown Forum.
  4. Complete an approved major concentration sequence.
  5. Present a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.
  6. Complete at least two years of coursework (a minimum of 60 semester hours) in residence at the College.
  7. Be in good standing at the College. The student cannot be on suspension or probation for any disciplinary or honor code violations to be considered.