Quality Enhancement Plan


Faculty workshops will be offered four times each year and during each summer. They will be recorded for future use. Summer workshop participants will meet for two days while those in fall and spring semester workshops will meet on one scheduled day. Each workshop day will include discussion of a variety of topics along with specific strategies for teaching writing in:

  1. English Composition 101 and 102;
  2. Freshman Year Experience (FYE),
  3. the General Education Curriculum (GenEd), and
  4. the Black, Life, History and Culture (BLHC) courses, followed by assignments for the next session’s activities.

Active learning, including actually doing the kinds of writing being taught, comprises a key component of the workshops. In this way, faculty are expected to learn how to use writing in their classrooms and in terms of specific writing assignments, as well as why and how writing works to promote student learning.

The goal of the Faculty Writing Workshops is to improve the quality of writing instruction across the curriculum. Upon completion of the workshops, faculty will be able to use teaching techniques that are immediately transferrable to their classrooms. Faculty members who participate in a workshop learn about the

  1. Pedagogy of writing,
  2. Designing effective writing assignments;
  3. Writing in disciplines;
  4. Strategies for responding to and evaluating student writing;
  5. Designing writing assignments that motivate Critical Thinking/Reading; and
  6. Function of student conferences.