Morehouse College Policies and Procedures

Morehouse College Policies and Procedures Manual (full policy) 
Section I: Office of the President Section II: Office of Academic Affairs
Section III: Office of Business and Finance/CFO Section IV: Campus Operations
Section V: Office of Human Resources Section VI: Office of Institutional Advancement
Section VII: Office of Student Services Section VIII: Intellectual Property
Section IX: Office of Enrollment Management and Admissions  

Section I: Office of the President

Office of the President (full section)
Administration Policy: OP 100.1
Morehouse College Organizational Chart
Communications Policy: OP 100.2
Fundraising Policy: OP 100.3

Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel
Use of the MLKIC Policy: CH 100.1

Internal Auditing and Advisory Services
IAAS Charter, Responsibilities, and Procedures Policy: AU 100.1

Office of General Counsel
Office of General Counsel Organizational Chart
Candidate Appearance Policy: As 100.1
Lawful Request for Information and/or Documents Policy: AS 100.2
Contract Review Policy: 100.3

Ethics and Compliance
Standards of Conduct Guide: GC 200.1
Non-Retaliation Policy: GC 200.2
Red Flags/Identity Theft Prevention Policy: 200.3
Records Retention and Document Destruction Policy: 200.4
Disciplinary Action for Non-Compliance Policy: GC 200.5
Whistleblower Policy: GC 200.6
Sexual Misconduct Policy GC 200.7
Sexual Misconduct Procedure

Section II: Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs and Provost Organization Chart

Office of Sponsored Programs
Employee Involvement in Sponsored Research and Programs: AA 100.1
Fiscal Responsibility Attendant to Sponsor Research/Programs: AA 100.2
Conflicts of Interest in Research and Technology Transfer: AA 100.3
Patents: AA 100.4
Research Misconduct: AA 100.5
Public Policy Compliance: AA 100.6
Research Involving Human Subjects: AA 110.7

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning: AA 200

Title III
Title III: AA 300

Section III: Office of Business and Finance/CFO

Office of Business and Finance Organization Chart

Points of Contact
Points of Contact BF 100

Contracts BF 200

Travel BF 300.1
International Travel BF 300.2
Travel Agencies BF 300.3
Vehicle Rental Agencies BF 300.4
Travel Advances BF 300.5
Travel Settlements BF 300.6
Travel Receipts and Itemization BF 300.7

Outside Professional Services (IRS Form 1099)
Outside Professional Services BF 400.1Tax Reporting (IRS Form 1099) BF 400.2

Purchase Requisitions BF 500.1
Purchase Orders BF 500.2
Special/Internal Requisitions BF 500.3
Receipt of Merchandise BF 500.4
American Express Card Policy BF 500.5

Budget Planning and Preparation BF 600.1
Budget Changes BF 600.2
Operating Reserve Fund Policy BF 600.3

Property Control
Off-Campus Use of Equipment BF 700.1

Grants Accounting
Cost Transfer BF 800.1
Effort Certification Reporting BF 800.2

Auxiliary Services
Campus Post Office BF 900.1
Printing Standards BF 900.2
Campus Parking BF 900.3

Section IV: Campus Operations

Office of Campus Operations Organization Chart

Support Services
Facilities Use CO 200.1
Campus and Events Alcohol CO 200.2

Executive Services
Executive Services and Executive Conference Center Use CO 300.1

Physical Plant
Plant Services Unit CO 400.1
Access to College Property CO 400.2
Acquisition/Use of Keys CO 400.3
Building Captain System CO 400.4
Transportation and Logistics CO 400.5
Posting Banners and Signs CO 400.6
Transportation Policies and Procedures CO 400.7
Golf Cars / Utility Vehicles CO 400.8

Department of Campus Safety
Emergency Procedures CO 500.1
Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Property CO 500.2
Criminal Activity and Other Incidents CO 500.3
Emergency and Evacuation Procedures CO 500.4
Outside Employment- Campus Police CO 500.5

Telecommunications CO 600.1

Neighborhood Revitalization Task Force
Neighborhood Revitalization Task Force CO 700.1

Section V: Office of Human Resources 

Office of Human Resources Organization Chart

Employment Procedures
Recruitment and Employment HR 100.1
New Hire Practices and New Employee Orientation HR 100.2
Employment Eligibility Verification HR 100.3
Individual Consultants/Independent Contractors HR 100.4
Relocation Policy HR 100.5
Telecommuting HR 100.6
Background Check HR 100.7

Processing Terminations and Resignations HR 200.1
Reduction in Force HR 200.2

Sick Leave HR 300.1
Vacation Leave HR 300.2
Holidays and College Closings HR 300.3
Military Leave HR 300.4
Voting Leave HR 300.5
Civil Leave HR 300.6
Bereavement Leave HR 300.7
Administrative Leave HR 300.8
Unpaid Leave of Absence HR 300.9
Family and Medical Leave HR 300.10
Sabbatical Leave HR 300.11
Academic Leave HR 300.12

Conduct and Discipline
Staff Conduct and Work Rules HR 400.1
Attendance, Absenteeism and Tardiness HR 400.1.1
Business Hours HR 400.1.2
Ethics HR 400.1.3
Nepotism HR 400.1.4
Office Decorum HR 400.1.5
Outside Employment HR 400.1.6
Smoking HR 400.1.7
Discipline HR 400.2
Drug-Free Workplace HR 400.3
Drug-Free Campus HR 400.4

Overtime HR 500.1
Fair Labor Standards Act HR 500.2
Tuition Remission HR 500.3

Equal Employment Opportunity HR 600.1
Personnel Records HR 600.2
Job Assistance HR 600.3

Performance Assessments HR 700.1
Work-Incurred Injuries HR 700.2

Harassment Policy
Harassment Policy HR 800.1

Policies and Procedures
Establishing College Policies HR 900.1

Section VI: Office of Institutional Advancement

Office of Institutional Advancement Organization Chart

Media Relations IA 200.1
External Communications, Media Relations and Social Media Policy IA 200.2
User Guidelines for Separated Employees' Network / E-Mail Access IT 200.3
Use of Official College Logos, Seals, or Photographs IA 200.4

Donations and Gifts
Confidentiality IA 300.1
Conflicts of Interest IA 300.2
Gift Acceptance IA 300.3
Gift Processing IA 300.4
Gift Solicitation IA 300.5
Gifts or Bequest of Property IA 300.6
Legal/Tax Counsel IA 300.7
Donor Recognition IA 300.8

Information Technology
Information Services IT 100.1
WIFI Acceptable Use IT 100.2
Stolen/Lost Computing/Electronic Storage Devices Notification Process IT 100.3
Active Directory Authentication IT 100.4
Password Management Guidelines IT 100.5
Computing Resources Network and Email Use Policy IT 100.6

Responsible Use of Electronic Mail IT 200.1
Requesting Access to an Employee's E-Mail Attachments or Computer Files IT 200.2
User Guidelines for Separated Employees' Network / E-Mail Access IT 200.3
Electronic Data Disposal IT 300.1
Electronic Data Disposal – DOD - Compliant Disk Sanitation Software IT 300.2

Section VII: Office of Student Services

Office of Student Services Organization Chart

Department of Athletics
Department of Athletics SS 200.1

Counseling Resource Center
Counseling Resource Center SS 300.1

Office of Housing and Residential Life
Office of Housing and Residential Life SS 400.1

Office of Student Activities
Office of Student Activities SS 500.1
Dockless Mobility Devices and Scooter Policy SS 500.2

Office of Student Development
Office of Student Development SS 600.1

James B. Ellison Sr. Student Health Center
James B. Ellison Sr. Student Health Center SS 700.1

Student Leadership Development Program
Student Leadership Development Program SS 800.1

Office of Student Conduct
Office of Student Conduct SS 900.1

Office of International Student Services
Office of International Student Services. SS 1000.1

Section VIII: Intellectual Property Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Section IX: Office of Enrollment Management and Admissions

Institutional Scholarships: EA 100.1
Gender Identity Admissions and Matriculation Policy: EA 100.2