Public Health Sciences Institute

Public Health Sciences Institute (PHSI)

The Public Health Sciences Institute (PHSI), is committed to supporting and training students to diversify the public health workforce by producing culturally competent, well-trained minority students. As a result of this committment, PHSI was created under a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 1988.

Since its establishment, PHSI has had a large impact on students, especially those in the AUC. The number of AUC students attending graduate school in public health has tripled during the last ten years. The vast majority of these students have participated in one or more PHSI's highly successful programs. Our programs, along with activities that provide career counseling and increase career awareness, constitute a solid core on which students can build a career in public health.


  • Public Health Minor
  • AUC Public Health Association (AUC PHA)
  • Project Imhotep
  • Public Health Leader Fellowship Program
  • iSTEM
  • DRK-12


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