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Business Administration and Economics Division Faculty
  • Department Chair, Business and Economics
  • Professor, Business and Economics


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Massey Leadership Center, Rm. 226


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Monday, Wednesday (By Appointment)


Dr. Aisha G. Meeks, CPA, is a seasoned executive with a remarkable track record spanning academia, accounting, and community leadership. With a distinguished career marked by unwavering commitment, Dr. Meeks currently holds the prestigious positions of Department Chair of Business and Associate Professor of Accounting at Morehouse College. Her journey to these pivotal roles has been shaped by a wealth of experiences that showcase her dedication to education, diversity, and empowerment.

Prior to her tenure at Morehouse College, Dr. Meeks made substantial contributions as the Department Chair of Accounting, Finance, and Applied Economics at Dalton State College. Her visionary leadership and expert knowledge have left an enduring mark on both institutions.

Recognizing her fervent dedication to advancing equality and diversity within academic and professional realms, Dr. Meeks plays an active role as a board member of The Sadie Collective. Through this capacity, she takes proactive measures to address the pipeline pathway narrative for minority women across fields such as economics, finance, data science, and policy. Her membership in the American Accounting Association, coupled with her participation in the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, further underscore her commitment to fostering an inclusive environment.

Dr. Meeks is a staunch advocate for the success of future generations. Beyond her executive responsibilities, she is engaged in conducting impactful financial literacy seminars in economically marginalized communities. This crucial work is facilitated through her partnership with IPX Management, LLC, reflecting her dedication to making a positive impact that transcends traditional executive roles.

With a deep commitment to community enrichment, Dr. Meeks serves as a board member of the Douglas County Boys and Girls Club and the Performance Based Foundation of the Arts Center. Her involvement underscores a comprehensive dedication to the well-being and advancement of the individuals and communities she serves.

Dr. Meeks’ illustrious journey is underscored by a diverse array of professional experiences. Prior to her academic pursuits, she held pivotal roles with Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia Pacific Corporation, and WorldCom, Inc. Her extensive expertise as a Certified Public Accountant is complemented by her educational accomplishments, including a B.A. in Accounting, an MBA, and a Ph.D. in business administration with a major in accounting from Jackson State University.

In her executive capacity, Dr. Aisha G. Meeks, CPA, embodies leadership, community engagement, and a commitment to excellence. Her multifaceted background and resolute dedication to progress position her as a respected figure in both executive and professional spheres. Through her endeavors, she continues to inspire, empower, and lead, leaving an enduring legacy of positive transformation.

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