Alison D. Ligon, DAH, Ph.D.

Morehouse College

Humanities, Social Sciences, Media, and Arts Division Faculty
  • Associate Professor, English



Office Location
Brawley Hall, Room 103-K

(470) 639-0731

Office Hours

Dr. Alison D. Ligon currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of English at Morehouse College. She teaches Honors and non-Honors Composition and World Literature courses in addition to Advanced Composition, the Caribbean Novel, and Selected Caribbean Poetry.

Some of her most recent publications and research activities focus on sociopolitical subtext in works of historical fiction from the African Diaspora, primarily, the Anglophone Caribbean. The scope of her research interests includes Caribbean and Latin American fiction, young adult fiction, contemporary African American literature and culture, HBCU-focused Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) theories and praxis, and oral histories and narratives associated with The Great Migration and its counter movement. In addition to her essays that appear in multiple edited book collections, her articles are published in refereed journals such as Caribbean Vistas: Critiques of Caribbean Arts and Cultures, the Journal of Africana Composition and Rhetoric, the Journal of South Texas English Studies, Zoe International Journal of Social Transformation, and The Midwest Quarterly: A Journal of Contemporary Thought.