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The Writing Center offers various services and resources to help Morehouse students develop their oral and written communication skills. While some services and resources are exclusive to faculty, we designed all to meet the same end: addressing and supporting the students' writing needs.

Individual Writing Consultations

You may schedule a one-on-one writing consultation with a peer or graduate-level writing tutor anytime between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. You can receive help with a variety of writing (e.g., academic, creative, professional, or self-sponsored), no matter the discipline you compose it for or the medium (e.g., visual, audio, web, or print). You may seek help at any stage of the writing process and are encouraged to come at several stages of the process. Do not feel pressured to produce a full or even partial draft before seeking writing help in the center.

Our tutors approach tutoring sessions holistically. While tutors often employ prescriptive and instructional techniques in a session, they mostly discuss their work in ways that help them illuminate and expand ideas. These conversations can focus on any number of writing concerns related to any stage of the writing process. Such topics include but are not limited to: audience and genre consideration, idea generation and development, thesis construction, global level essay organization, local level sentence structure, and any number of specific grammatical, mechanical, syntactical, and rhetorical rules and strategies. Although each session requires some level of proofreading, our tutors do not merely proofread and edit. In fact, they are concerned less with identifying what is wrong with your paper and more with helping you develop the skills and knowledge to ensure your continued writing success at and beyond Morehouse.

Writing Workshops

During the fall and spring semesters, the Writing Center hosts bi-weekly writing workshops on various writing topics. Experienced writing tutors lead all workshops and are open to all faculty, staff, and students. The center covers many topics: achieving paragraph/sentence coherence, revising sentences for concision and clarity, developing thesis statements, evaluating and integrating source material, and formatting papers according to MLA and APA standards. 

Group Tutorials

Group tutorials for specific assignments can be scheduled in advance by professors only. Email to set up a group tutorial. Write "Group Tutorials" in the subject line.

Classroom Visits

Writing tutors are available to visit a faculty member’s class and deliver a 15-30 minute presentation about the Writing Center’s purpose, goals, policies, events, and services. Faculty may submit a request via email to for a class visit at least a full week prior to the requested visitation date. Write "Classroom Visit" in the subject line, and, in the email, include the date and time at which you’d like a tutor to visit. 

For assistance with writing assignments, register an account and schedule a 30-minute appointment with a writing tutor. 

  • Computer-based learning modules on Mac desktop computers for study 
  • Digital classroom for faculty that contains 25 Mac desktop computers for instructional use
  • Two printers (limit printing to 10 pages a day)
  • Internet access
  • Grammar tutorial software 
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