Student Resources

General Policies

  • You must sign in with the front desk attendant to utilize the center's services. To sign in, you must present your Morehouse photo ID, provide your major, and state your reason for using the center (e.g., coming for class, tutoring, or another in-house service).
  • You are allowed to print but are limited to printing 10 pages a day. You may not print documents with photos or in color.
  • You may use shelved books and print resources for study but cannot leave the center with them.
  • You may not make copies or scan documents in the Writing Center.
  • You may not use the digital classroom unless in class.
  • You should be mindful of noise levels when working in the center. The center is a space designed for students' independent study. Unless meeting with a tutor or collaborating with a peer on an assignment, please avoid excessive, loud talking.
  • You may not play music aloud on any device. Bring and use headphones.
Tutoring Policies
  • You must schedule an appointment to see a writing tutor. Our staff does not schedule appointments for students.
  • Walk-ins are accepted but are contingent upon tutor availability. We recommend that students schedule an appointment in advance to guarantee a meeting with a tutor. In the case of a walk-in, you must still schedule an appointment. You may do so using the center's desktop computers or your phone.
  • All tutoring sessions last 30 minutes, so you should arrive on time with the necessary documents (e.g., assignment prompt, draft, brainstormed ideas, etc.) related to your writing project. If late, you are not guaranteed a time extension for the session, nor is the tutor obligated to grant one.
  • You should cancel if you can't make your appointment.
  • We mark appointments missed if you are 10 minutes late or do not keep your appointment. After three missed appointments without cancellation, we will disable your account, and you'll need administration approval to re-active.
  • You should print a copy of your paper before the start of the session. Digital drafts are acceptable, but physical drafts are preferable. You may print your paper in the Writing Center before a session.
  • Tutors document each session using client report forms, which are available to you and faculty upon request. This form includes information regarding assignment descriptions, student difficulties, student's progress, and tutor's suggestions for improvement. If a professor wants proof of a student's visit to the center, he or she, not the student, must request this documentation by emailing
  • You cannot email a draft in advance or drop papers off at the center to be picked up later with edits. You must sit down with a tutor and work on your draft.
  • We are not an editing service. We offer writing consultations. Although proofreading is a part of each session, tutors focus more on discussing ideas and writing-related concepts. Each session is an exchange between tutor and tutee, or student.