Crown Forum

Frequently Asked Questions

How many semesters of Crown Forum do I need to graduate?
  • Six
What percentage grade must I earn in order to pass Crown Forum? 
  • 70%
In order to pass Crown Forum do I have to attend the required number of Crown Forum sessions and earn a grade of no lower than 70%? 
  • Yes
How many Crown Forum sessions must be attended each semester in order to pass? 
  • Eight
How do I get credit for Crown Forum.  
  • Completing prompts for Crown Forum within Blackboard is the only way to receive credit for attendance.
What If I am not enrolled in Crown Forum?  
  • Coordinate with your advisor and/or to enroll.  Please note that you will not be allowed to enroll if the College enrollment period has passed and/or if at the time of your request there is not a sufficient number of sessions for you to pass the semester.
How do I make up a Crown Forum absence?  
  • You don’t.  Because there are at least twelve opportunities per semester for you to earn the required eight sessions, there is no “make-up” for Crown Forum. 
I just realized that I missed the deadline to respond to this week’s prompts for Crown Forum.  Will you please reopen the “quiz” so that I can respond to the questions and get credit? 
  • No
I did not realize that Crown Forum impacted my GPA.  
  • Because it is a credit-baring class, it does.
How can I erase an earned ‘F’ for Crown Forum from my transcript.  
  • Once you have earned the required six semesters of Crown Forum, a request for an earned ‘F’ to be removed can be submitted and will be considered.

But Covid-19.  

  • Because of the tumult COVID-19 caused, all students enrolled in Crown Forum for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 were given a passing grade. 
If I am a transfer student, how many semesters of Crown Forums do I need to graduate?  
  • The same number of semesters you are in residence at the College, not to exceed six.

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