Crown Forum

Crown Forum

Crown Forum— Thursdays at 11am,  Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel

A community tradition

Crown Forum is a communal tradition that is mandatory for all students and that extends from the 19th century founding of the School to the 21st-century Institution of today. The spiritual core of Crown Forum provides a grounding space where students are connected to and develop their dynamic humanity.

There is special attention given to the articulation of and exposure to social justice across Crown Forum sessions. Accordingly, the radical interdependent community of students is prompted explicitly within the dimensions of justice, identity, action, and diversity. And there is the demand of students to understand their responsibility with respect to servant leadership and a global citizenry.

Requirements and Guidelines

  • It is mandatory that students earn a passing grade of “P” for six semesters of Crown Forum in order to walk for graduation.
  • A passing grade is earned for one semester by demonstrating attendance in a minimum of eight Crown Forum sessions and a having 70% or higher prompt average. Crown Forum sessions will include traditional, Thursday at 11 a.m. Crown Forums, and Alternative Crown Forums [ie. Crown Forum After Dark, Crown Forum Conversation, Crown Forum Classrooms].
  • There are no “excuses” accepted for missing Crown Forum or opportunities to “make-up” missed sessions as there are at least 12 Crown Forum sessions per semester.
  • Study Abroad students and Transfer students are required to complete one semester of Crown Forum for each semester they are in residence at the College. For example, if you study abroad for one semester of your junior year, you are required to complete five semesters of Crown Forum; if you transfer to Morehouse College as an incoming sophomore, you are required to complete six semesters of Crown Forum.
  • Crown Forum attendance is self-documented by the student scholar with the completion of session-related prompts that are administered through Blackboard within a limited timeframe after the conclusion of a Crown Forum session. It is the responsibility of the student to complete session prompts within the given time. Responses to prompts is the ONLY way one’s attendance and grade for Crown Forum is determined.
  • A non-response to Crown Forum prompts yields a non-attendance for a Crown Form session.
  • Students must track their attendance and scores on completed prompts through Blackboard to determine progress and success.
  • If there is technical difficulty with your Blackboard engagement that compromises your ability to complete Crown Forum sessions, notify your advisor and IT immediately,, so that a resolution can be found quickly.
  • Crown Forum is credit-bearing with 0.5 credit hour earned per semester.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they are enrolled in Crown Forum for the six semesters required.


In the spirit of scholarship and widening the aperture of Crown Forum engagement please find a link to the most up-to-date Reading List here.


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