What are the services provided by the SHC?

The SHC is managed by the director of the SHC. The director manages a staff of two board-certified physicians, three registered nurses, and one medical assistant. Services provided by the SHC include:

  • Diagnostic testing (urinalysis, blood sugar, strep, mononucleosis, influenza)
  • Stabilization of emergencies (within the clinic only)
  • Pharmaceutical (small formulary of antibiotics, PrEP therapy, ibuprofen, cold medicines, etc.)
  • Referrals
  • STI, HIV/AIDS testing
  • Physicals (pre-participation physicals for student-athletes, travel abroad, military, and student internships)

What is the Morehouse College Student Patient Portal?

The Morehouse College Student Health Patient portal is a secure online website that gives students convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a secure username and password, students have access to online services such as:

  • Secure communication with Morehouse College clinical staff
  • Immunization records
  • Document uploads
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Health history forms 

How do I access the Patient Portal?

The Patient Portal can be accessed at (use the username and password that were provided in the acceptance letter).

You must register in the patient portal first with the username and password provided in the acceptance letter before access is allowed. Once you create a new password, an acknowledgment will be emailed to your personal email account. 

The home page on the Patient Portal explains all that is needed to submit and upload the Pre-Entrance Health Forms. If you are having issues uploading the forms, they can be emailed (in a scanned PDF file) to

Do I need to complete the health forms on the Patient Portal and mail the health forms in too?

No, you are only responsible for providing the health forms to us via the Patient Portal or by mailing them to the address on the first page of the health form packet. Keep in mind that the forms can be completed much faster on the Patient Portal, and you can communicate with the clinical staff of the SHC regarding any questions you may have about the health forms. Please check your spam and junk mail folders for correspondences received from the SHC.

Do I need the Morehouse College Health Insurance Plan or my own personal health insurance plan?

All currently enrolled Morehouse College students are required to have medical insurance coverage. These students will be automatically billed for the Morehouse College Health Insurance Plan (hereafter referred to as the Plan). The Plan only offers coverage in the state of Georgia with emergency coverage outside the state.

Students who already have their own insurance coverage have the option to waive the Plan. The student must complete a waiver stating that he has medical insurance that is comparable to, or superior to, the Plan and will need to provide the insurance company’s name and policy number for verification. Students have the option to complete the waiver process prior to the fall and spring semesters.

What is the cost of the College Health Insurance Plan?

The cost of the College Health Insurance Plan is $444.50 per semester. This fee is automatically added to each semester’s tuition.

Do I need health insurance to be seen in the Student Health Center?

No, clinic visits are free to all currently enrolled Morehouse College students. All students of Morehouse College are required to have current health care insurance that provides coverage in the state of Georgia. Those students planning to participate in study abroad programs must have coverage that extends abroad as well.

What benefits are offered by the insurance plan?

The College Health Insurance Plan provides medical coverage. If the student is under the age of 19, the Plan also provides dental coverage. In order to minimize the cost of the Plan, vision care and dental care (for those 19 and older) were not purchased as part of the benefits package plan. There are deductibles associated with the Plan.

What is the coverage timeframe for the College Health Insurance Plan?

Student health insurance is provided on a semester basis with the fall coverage spanning Aug. 1 – Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 – July 31 for the spring semester per school year.

Why does the SHC request health insurance information on the Pre-Entrance Health Forms if insurance is not required to be seen in the Clinic?

In the event of an emergency, the SHC staff may need to provide health insurance verification for EMS, lab work, referrals, or urgent care centers.

When I provided health insurance information on my Pre-Entrance Health Forms, did that automatically opt me out of the College Health Insurance Plan?

No, you must waive out of the Morehouse College Health Insurance Plan during the opt-out period.  

What is the College insurance opt-out/waiver process?

The opt-out insurance information is sent to all enrolled students via their Morehouse email account during the June/July and December/January months of each year. There is a deadline associated with each semester’s opt-out period. The student will visit the waiver link provided in the email, complete the waiver, and retain the waiver confirmation page that is issued once the waiver process is complete. The insurance fee will be removed from the student’s account after his personal insurance has been verified and he has waived out of the insurance plan.

Students are automatically charged $444.50 for the College Health Insurance Plan each semester. This fee is added to tuition. If the student elects to retain the College Health Insurance Plan during the fall semester, he is automatically charged and enrolled in the Plan the following spring semester. If the student chooses to waive out of the College Health Insurance Plan during the fall semester, he is automatically waived out of the Plan the following spring semester.

To qualify to waive the Morehouse College Student Health Insurance Plan, the student’s primary health insurance plan must allow him to agree to all of the following statements:

  • I am not on an HMO plan outside of Georgia
  • I am not on a Medicaid plan outside of Georgia
  • My plan has an unlimited benefit maximum which provides medical care in the state of Georgia

What happens if my parent loses health insurance coverage during the academic year and I need medical insurance and want to opt-in to the College Health Insurance Plan?

Students who wish to opt into the health insurance Plan should contact the insurance carrier directly to be added to the Plan (students can get the insurance carrier’s contact information from the staff of the SHC). Once the insurance company completes its verification process, fees for the Plan will be added to the student’s account. The student can elect to have the insurance card mailed directly to him or to the SHC.

If I opt to remain with my parent’s insurance plan, are there any particular benefits their personal health insurance plan must cover? 

Yes, your personal health insurance plan is necessary to help cover hospital and ER visits, specialty care, and lab/X-ray costs in the state of Georgia.

How and when do I receive my insurance card?

Insurance cards for students that opted to purchase the Plan are mailed from the insurance company to the SHC. Students receive notification from the SHC via student email when the insurance cards arrive and are ready for pickup.