Haile M. Larebo, PH.D.

Morehouse College

Africa,Humanities, Social Sciences, Media, and Arts Division Faculty
  • Associate Professor

Haile M. Larebo earned his PhD in history from the School of Oriental and African Studies of University of London, specializing in the history of Africa with emphasis on Italian colonial history. His B.D and STL are from the Angelicum University in Rome, Italy, and MPhil in history and philosophy of religion from Kings College, London, UK.

Dr. Haile is an associate professor of history at Morehouse College and has been teaching the History of Africa alongside with World History and Western Civilization since 1991.

His magnum opus “The Building of an Empire: Italian Land Policy and Practice in Ethiopia, 1935-1941” published by Clarendon Press Oxford University Press in 1994, was a winner of a prestigious award for its unique contribution to Italo-Ethiopian studies. In addition, Dr. Haile had published several articles on the field of his study and presented academic papers on Ethiopia at national and international conferences. Beyond being a member of many professional bodies, Dr. Haile has been awarded several prestigious grants and fellowships, including the National Endowment for the Humanities and senior fellowship at the National Humanities Center at Research Triangle, in North Carolina. He has made several special guest appearances at many community and political organizations and news outlets, such as Paltalk, satellite TVs and radio programs, on issues relating to Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.



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