Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel

Mission and Vision

  1. Mission: The Chapel’s mission is to teach, encourage, inspire and support the development of everyone we touch as ambassadors of peace for the Beloved World Community.
  2. Vision: The Chapel will be a beacon for Morehouse College students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as others from around the world, who seek to experience a meaningful and sustainable connection with Dr. King’s World House values of virtue-ethics, nonviolence, service and harmony. Through our transformative ministry and programs, these seekers will be captivated by the possibility of the Beloved World Community as the ethical meaning of the Presence of God and, thus inspired, be compelled to go forth and create that experience for others. As a result of the collective work of this corps of ambassadors, we will realize Dr. King’s dream of a just world in which all people embody their spiritual magnificence and live together in peace.
  3. In the current climate of challenge and change at Morehouse, the Chapel is resolved to stand in its role as “the soul of the College” – that is, as the entity that supports students, faculty and staff in learning and living Morehouse’s value-virtues – the same value-virtues that nurtured the development of Martin Luther King Jr., the College’s most prominent alumnus and one of the world’s most influential leaders. As guardian and teacher of the Morehouse ethos, the Chapel is called to raise a prophetic and pastoral voice and model a compassionate response to the most pressing academic and spiritual needs of the campus community.