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ASPIRE - Professional Development Training Program

Aspire Purpose:

The ultimate goal of the Aspire Professional Development program is to provide a variety of learning or training opportunities that will help employees improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness.

Aspire Overview:

Providing multiple opportunities to learn is the first step in creating a supportive and professional learning environment. Professional Development (PD) classes will be offered to all employees as part of the Aspire Program. Classes attended, as part of the Aspire program held onsite, will be offered to all employees subject to the department or division leader’s approval. Employees will be expected to register and attend each class, unless operational needs dictate as cited by the leader of a department or division.

On-campus Professional Development Training

Employees may seek approval for On-campus professional development as part of the Personal Development category. These requests must be reviewed to confirm whether the opportunity supports a department’s or division’s strategic plan goals, and is in alignment with the College’s strategic plan.

  • Professional Development will be coordinated by Human Resources.
  • Professional Development will be on specific topics determined by Human Resources in support of leadership competencies for emerging, mid-level and experienced leaders.
  • Professional Development feedback for topics can be emailed directly to Adrian Cheatham.
  • Certificates of completion will be issued on Professional Development sessions.
  • Completion of Professional Development opportunities should be noted by the employees on their annual performance evaluations.
  • Attendance at a minimum of two Professional Development sessions should be established as an annual performance goal.
  • To request departmental, on-campus Professional Development training: APPLY HERE

All sessions offered will require the completion of an online pre-and post-assessment survey. Failure to complete a pre-assessment survey will result in an incomplete class registration for a session. Once a session has reached maximum capacity, employees can register for another session of class(es) offered at a future date.

Off-campus Professional Development Training

  • Requests must be approved prior to registering for the course/event or incurring any expense associated with the off-campus Professional Development training sessions.
  • Completion of Professional Development opportunities should be noted by the employees on their annual performance evaluations.
  • Applications and supporting documents for local Professional Development sessions must be submitted within 20 business days before the event. Applications and supporting documents for Professional Development sessions that require airfare and other fees should be submitted 40 business days before the event. Title III Department notification of approval will be provided within 10 business days of a request.
  • Employees requesting to attend off-campus Professional Development sessions should submit their requests to the Title III Department using this form: APPLY HERE
  • The maximum number of funded off-campus professional development opportunities per participant is two (2) per grant year.


Specific professional learning will be offered to employees responsible for supervising other(s) or in critical leadership positions at the College. These topics will frequently be offered in a series, where participation is required in each session before a certificate of completion can be offered. Participants successfully completing a series of required LLS sessions will be offered an opportunity to receive executive professional learning either onsite or offsite. Participants who complete all LLS sessions will be invited by Human Resources to participate in a year-long executive professional learning opportunity.

For additional inquiries regarding this program or any other details, please contact Remeka Bowden, Title III Program Specialist, 470-639-0465 or Adrian Cheatham, Human Resource Officer at (470) 639-0358 or

NOTE: Professional Development requests may be denied if the request is not related to enhancing or improving job performance or does not illustrate alignment to the department’s or division’s strategic plan goals. Any request(s) not approved must be submitted in writing by the supervisor as soon as reasonably possible upon receipt of the request. Requests not approved should state the specific reason why the request is being denied (i.e., doesn’t illustrate job enhancement or improvement, or does not align to either the department’s or division’s strategic plan goals). Employees should be encouraged by their supervisors to select another PD opportunity as soon as possible should the request be denied.