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Morehouse College provides equity, incentive and external comparability in the administration of the College‚Äôs compensation program for all employees.  The College will attempt to employ competent personnel at competitive rates with other similar institutions within the framework of applicable law and consistent with the judicious expenditure of funds entrusted to it.  The philosophy for the compensation program is the heart of rewarding employees through a competitive compensation package in exchange for performance of all assigned responsibilities in an exemplary manner that is consistent with the high standards of Morehouse College.


    • To attract and retain competent and qualified employees with the required education, experience and skills necessary to achieve the mission of the college.
    • To compensate employees on a level consistent with comparable market benchmarks for higher education institutions.
    • To maintain internal equity of all employees performing similar functions based on the requisite knowledge, skills, experience, scope and decision-making required to perform the requested functions.
    • To set salaries for new, vacant and secondary positions at market levels that recognize skills, experience required, while considering the salary level of current employees within the same or similar positions.
    • To recognize exceptional performance and to encourage employees to enhance their skills, knowledge and experience through the use of professional development and training.
    • To comply with all applicable federal, state laws and regulations and to be fiscally responsible   



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