Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Both Federal statutes and U.S. Department of Education regulations require institutions of higher education to establish minimum standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress toward degree completion for all students receiving federal aid. Morehouse College's Satisfactory Academic Policy is available here.

Learn how you will receive notification of your SAP status.

Find out how to appeal an adverse SAP decision.

Learn how you Regaining Eligibility after a favorable appeal.

We encourage every student to read the policy, specifically the qualitative AND quantitative measures of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

What is the impact on my SAP status if...?

I am changing majors?

I repeat courses?

I have incomplete courses?

transfered to Morehouse?

I am taking a  mandatory non-degree or zero credit course?

I take an independent study?

I take too many elective courses?

I do a study abroad or consortium course?

I am seeking dual bachelor degrees?

I have been re-admitted to Morehouse College?

I want to re-establish my eligibility but do not have an approved appeal?