Accepting Your Financial Aid Award

1. Review your award to accept and/or decline the offer.

  • Log into MyPortal
  • Select My Finance
  • Select "Financial Aid"
  • Select "Award for Aid Year"
  • Select the appropriate aid year and click submit
  • Select "Accept Award Offer" tab
  • Read Terms and Conditions
  • Choose "Accept" or "Decline" in the drop menu beside each offer
  • Once final decision has been made click "Submit Decision"

2. Grants and Scholarships are automatically accepted.

3. First Time Borrowers of a Federal Direct Stafford Loan will need to complete Entrance Loan Counseling and a Master Promissory Note.

4. First Time Borrowers of Federal Parent PLUS Loan will need to complete a Master Promissory Note.

5. Submit copies of all outside scholarship award notices to Morehouse College's Office of Financial Aid if applicable.

6. Complete the Title IV Refund Form.

    • This form allows our office to discuss financial aid information with authorized individuals in your absence such as your parent(s) or spouse. Click on the link above and provide the required information. You must update their status every year.